Blackberry is BACK!

BlackBerry_10-L-N_series_5 BlackBerry 10 Release Date Set For January 30 (Finally)

I got my first BB phone in 2009. It was a cute little Pink Blackberry Pearl. I have service through AT&T and I have upgraded a few times since then. My mom is also a fan and uses Blackberry as well. There are very few of us. People have either jumped on the Apple IPhone Train or Android.

One of the main reasons why I like BB is because of its physical keyboard. My mom and I currently have the Blackberry Bold 9900, which amazingly is BOTH touch and keyboard! We get the best of both worlds. 😉

Anyway, Blackberry finally released a new phone! I always keep an eye out for updates and such on their official website or on a community website and Blackberry 10 will soon be released on January 30th 2013! They have two series. The L-Series is touch screen all the way. Which I am not a fan of. But they also have an N-Series which still has a physical keyboard. I will be waiting on the N-Series. The only thing I wish I could do is take IPhones camera function and put it on BBs.

I have tried touch screen and it just aint for me. I bought a Acer Tablet and I just prefer my Dell laptop over my tablet, so I sold my tablet. I DO like having the option for both though, which I think the N-Series still might have both choices as well. I am sure the average price will be at least $500 as it usually is and cheaper if I qualify for an upgrade. So I will wait some time before its released to get the new phone.

Blackberry also released a pricy Blackberry Porche P’9981 Black Design!blackberry-porsche-design-p9981
BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 Black launches 2 January
When I heard about this phone I thought OMG I want it! But then I saw the price tag, valued at $2,000 I was like WTF?? LOL! I guess its a limited release high end Blackberry phone than I am used to from Blackberry.

Then today I just barely learned about the normal phone that would be coming out Blackberry 10 and thought I would just stick with that. But its a pretty sharp phone and the keyboard is fabulous. But not worth the price tag but maybe later.

GOOD JOB STAYING AHEAD OF THE GAME BLACKBERRY! Can’t wait to get the new BB 10 N-Series! 😉