Holly Madison is Pregnant! YAY!

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Who is Holly Madison

Holly Madison’s Baby Bump: Pregnant Playboy Star Shows Off Body (PHOTO)

Wow, I had no idea! LOL! Ima dork. I havent had a chance to watch my TV in a while, I mean I could have but I just havent. I am so happy she is pregnant. I know how badly she wanted to have Playboys Hugh Hefners baby and it didnt happen. When they broke up I was kind of sad. Then when she got with Criss Angel I was disgusted. GAG! Then she was with some dude and now she is with the baby daddy Pasquale Rotella where I read somewhere the baby daddy is going to jail for 13 months or something and I have no idea why, I guess you just need to google it. I do want to say, his name sounds Latino and Latinos know how to get their women pregnant lol! Coming from experience 😉

This answers the question I wanted to know WHY all of the sudden she quit Las Vegas Peepshow. It makes perfect sense now. I heard she is going back to Oregon to be with her family to have her baby I guess. I for some reason thought she was from or lived in Alaska growing up lol! idk whats up with her and her man but oh well.

I am really ecstatic for her though, I know how badly she wanted a family. <3 I love how she is glowing and showing off her baby bump. I seen her in a bikini with her baby belly, that is so sweet. <3 My daughter is 9 years old and the way this world is going, I aint holding out hope to have the baby boy of my dreams anymore. But those that are or planning on it, more power to them.