I Will Not Conform

I will not conform The last few days I have been having some deep thoughts about many things – GOD, Armageddon, Anonymous, New World Order, The Bible, etc…I was thinking about the recent shooting at the school in Sandy Hook, how the Government wants to take away firearms, which I could go back and forth on each side of the issue. Weapons are dangerous period but at the same time, when there are crazy people in the world you want to protect your family and yourself.

Anyway, all my life I have been different. I have never liked playing by the rules of any kind, of course I aint out to harm anyone or any craziness like that, I just dont like rules or given orders BY ANYONE.


That is why I am an Entrepreneur and as an Business Woman I like to do my own thing and be self-sufficient. I would like to run my own farm, grow my own fruits and vegetables and run my own water and electricity and not depend on the government or society for anything. I have been looking at books like that for years. Underground books, underground societies. Now, even more so society itself is getting difficult to live in, with the new world order (as prophesied in The Bible) is coming into play and plans to turn the already sheeple 98% of the world who work the 9-5s and are already enslaved into the system into robots. An actual Matrix if you will. I know, it sounds crazy but its very true.

Now talking about GOD and The Bible, GOD I think basically states everything is black and white, there is no gray area. So because I dont want to follow the governments specific agenda, Agenda 21 actually 😉 does that make me a devil worshiper? I dont think so but only GOD can and will decide my fate. But I refuse to conform in a society I never believed in in the first place. I am not a sheep. I am NOT for Satan. I have read plenty of scriptures to understand what GOD wants. I was a Jehovah Witness at one time in my life and truthfully believe that is the most accurate religion when it comes to The Bible that I have read. I do fear GOD and my destiny but I will take what is dealt to me because I refuse to given to this madness that will be upon us. Why I am saying this, is The Bible states to follow the governed laws that we are given. New World Order will be one of them.

Its funny that during the Presidential Election people were arguing over who is the better President – Romney or Obama but the reality is they both have the same destiny towards bringing in Agenda 21 into progression. The Election is just a blinder, give people something else to look at aside from whats really going on. Democrat or Republican, you’re still fucking screwed. Yeah, you may think Im fucking crazy, but I aint the sheep here believing everything I see and read in the media. I learned that after 911 and living in Mexico. You really dont know shit whats going on. If you cant listen to me about working for yourself and making your own money and you decide how much your worth, then how the fuck are you supposed to listen to me otherwise? But continue…I have tons of proof. Plus the biggest thing is I went on UN’s website and their page on Agenda 21 they had taken down because more and more people are now becoming aware of what is going on.

Big Brother is watching us everywhere. Its kind of hard being a Public Figure such as a business person but at the same time, being different and following my own path I still will speak my mind. That, is why I have this blog, as you can see. Big Brother uses Facebook to know what you are doing daily. That is why we have identity such as social security cards, drivers licenses etc…I am not a conspiracy theorist, there is more strange shit that they are trying to keep from us. But if you want to call me that, go ahead. Again, I aint the sheep here.

As an Industrialist I plan to earn enough money to get out of this system that they are planning for us and build my own homestead. I will own a gun and/or another defense weapon, learn street fighting and karate. Once NWO hits, it will be about Survival. It would be in everyones best interest to carve their own way as well. The world will be at an end as well, we all dont know, so dont believe that 12-21-12 Mayan shit. Because again, The Bible states WE DO NOT KNOW! Open your mind.

Stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone