My Experience Giving Birth to my Daughter in Mexico

pregome I had seen a couple of friends facebook posts about giving birth naturally and I had remembered the experience I had giving birth to my baby girl Liz in Mexico so I thought I would share my thoughts and my story on the subject.

I was trying to find a good stock photo of a woman spread eagle giving birth but no picture enticed me so I decided to use my own images. I have none of me giving birth but I do have the pictures posted of when I was 8 months pregnant, on the rooftop of the house I lived in in Mexico and the week that Liz was born and me giving her a bath.

I think for my first experience it definitely was an interesting adventure to say the least. Let me first give you a little bit of a background so you understand how it came to be. I met my husband at Wendy’s my Senior year in High School and we married in November 2000 after I graduated High School in May of that year. We wanted to have a baby, but I miscarried twice and was considered high risk. The first time because of a stress of a car accident we got in and the second time I had a D&C because I was too far long and miscarried that way, the same issue – stress. Moving forward after 9-11, we ended up moving to Mexico. Well, I got pregnant again, for the third time at the end of 2002, beginning of 2003.

I was happy and everything but at the same time sad that my family couldn’t be there with me. I didn’t want to risk another miscarriage so I decided I would be very careful and have my daughter in Mexico. My mother-in-law was a pain and my marriage was going to shambles but I stuck it out. I thought I could fix whatever issues we had. I had prenatal visits at the local hospital regularly and they gave me these nutrition shakes to make sure I had all the vitamins and nutrients I needed.

I remember going on top of the roof a lot just sitting and thinking about life and everything. My husbands grandmother and I spent a lot of time together, we would watch old Mexican movies together and go get corn grind to make tortillas. She did not know any English and I spoke the best Spanish I had learned since being with my husband. I became fluent in the language and even taught English in Mexico while I was pregnant. I loved her so much. She was also a Jehovah Witness too. Before my husband and I moved to Mexico we were doing Bible Study with a couple in that religion. We also met up with another couple in Mexico to do more Bible Study as well. Anyway that is who I spent most of my time with while in Mexico. My husband was gone for school, work and paid Serenatas (serenades).

Moving forward, I was in my 9th month and 2 weeks overdue and ready to be done being pregnant lol! It was August 2003 and finally the latest doctors visit she said I was 2cm dilated and she told me to start doing a lot of walking and to go get my stuff and come back to the hospital. I was 21 years old. No Las Vegas birthday party for me or drinking to celebrate my age. I was going to have a baby lol 😉 I did get an awesome tres leches cake from the bakery on my birthday though in May. Those are so yummy!

liznewbornbath Anyway I walked home and got my overnight bag and walked back at the nurses orders and they stuck an IV in me and sent me to my room. My husband could not stay. So I said goodbye to him. I was bored, nervous and alone. In the middle of the night, I was speaking to some women and one even braided my hair.

The whole experience was surreal. One of the ladies had a still birth and others had C-Sections. My contractions were getting worse and worse. I had always planned on having my children naturally so in Mexico you have no other choice lol! The pain caused me to be delirious. I could not comprehend anything. The doctor kept checking back to see where I was at and finally at 5cm dilated he decided to induce my labor.

Another difference between USA and Mexico is no family is allowed in the delivery room. So, it was just me, the doctors and nurses. After the contractions I was numb and had to push real hard, it took a few tries of course but then she finally came out. There was no pain of delivering because of the contractions. I know that may not make sense but the contractions numbed me to be able to deliver.

After she was out, I got paranoid about her being switched at birth and watched their every move with her. It was an amazing experience to say the least. If I could do it again, I would do it naturally again. Now, she is my little spoiled Diva Princess. 842