New Dec 2012 Update About Me

meredblack Hmmm, where should I begin? Well, I have only been focusing on Freebies to make some money the last 3 months, not really focusing on any other particular business at the moment. But I am trying to prepare myself for the new year and putting my focus back on MCA and Empower Network. I am just not to that point yet because I am a little indecisive of my game plan. I am still writing out my schedule and how I plan on proceeding. I bet you are wondering why my Empower Link is not active? Because I am still not promoting it till I get my ewallet and join the Costa Rica Intensive.

I know I want to take FULL advantage of my LTTW Leads and STIFORP Phone Dialer. I get 50,000 biz opp leads a month for $5 and cost me $50 upfront from LTTW. The Stiforp system was also $50 upfront and $9.95 a month for the lead captures, link rotator, etc…and then an additional $37.00 a month for 300 minutes every month. Plus my minutes roll over every month. I have over 200,000 leads that I will not let go to waste. I just need to get my house phone fixed because I switched from Vonage to Magic Jack Plus because of the better price. My only issue is. I am having trouble hooking up the Magic Jack.

As far as goes, I am going ALL IN (like they say in EN lol, inside joke of sorts 😉 . Basically what I mean by that is I paid for a high end Super Mass Syndication Press Release at, because I LOVE MY BLOG, its my second born that I want to grow and nurture and depend on financially. Next to my business, this is very important deal of mine. So I have been organizing and cleaning up my blog and rearranging banners and such. I am thinking the press release was submitted sometime this week.

Aside from business my personal life has been the same as well. I only go out by myself or with fam and spend most of my time being a homebody. I also became a closet smoker. I know, bad. I started at 30 years old. Ive been healthy and a goody goody most of my life. But hell, we do all our own things for our own reasons. My favorites are Camel Crush. I have also started cussing like a sailor, which is something else that is new to me and now I fully understand my mom as an adult as opposed to when I was a child.

This month there is A LOT going on. OMG. As Christmas present for Liz I am taking her on the Heber Valley Railroad Polar Express Christmas Train. My mom ended up in the hospital in PA for lack of potassium. Because of the weather issues across country my parents have been coming home later and later for their 3 day weekend driving truck. Christmas is almost here, supposedly people are entertaining the idea of the end of the world on 12-21-12 according to the Mayans. When the Bible specifically states we do NOT know when Judgement Daily will occur. We had 12-12-12. The last repetitive month, day and year of our lifetime. So much. Its kind of stressful. I just take it day by day and try to handle my business. Knowing that is I still worked in the corporate world and during this season my stress would be 10x worse between commuting, Liz and managing the house & pets, plus running errands for my parents while they are on the road.

Well I think I shared enough this evening. more updates later. 😉