The Co-star Of The Movie Sleeps At The Foot Of My Bed!

Yes, it’s true, even though that co-star of the movie is the absolute best actor in history. What makes him the best? Is it his acting ability? Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that he is a complete and total delight to have on the set. And why is that?

Undoubtedly the greatest actor ever born

The reason that this co-star and others like him are an absolute delight to have around breaks down into more than just one rationalization.

  • The co-star is clearly having fun
  • He always get his lines right and his acting is seemingly instinctive
  • He never shouts at anyone else
  • There’s no prima donna attitude
  • He always has his ego in check
  • He comes highly skilled
  • He is a true professional
  • He is amazingly people friendly

Why is this particular actor so well rounded? He’s had lots of training. He comes from an actor’s service that knows what they’re doing, that’s for sure. And when he’s in front of the camera he’s a real animal. Matter of fact, he’s an animal all the time.

Truth be told, this actor actually is… an animal!

Whether it is a dog, a bird, a chimp, a bear or some other non-human actor/actress one thing is for sure. They will probably get more applause and attention than the biggest names in Hollywood. Such is the life of trained animals for film, be it T.V., movies, live taped presentations or what have you. But just how good are these guys and gals?

Animal actors and the Oscars

The movie Seabiscuit utilized more than 5 horses to portray the namesake race horse who was nominated for 7 awards. Babe, a movie that used over 45 pigs to portray its namesake landed its star nominations numbering 7 and actually succeeded in taking one home! Then there was the 5 time nominated Breakfast At Tiffany’s cat named ‘Orangey’ that also won… twice in fact. And everyone’s favorite little Cairn terrier ‘Toto’, from none other than The Wizard of Oz took home 2 wins after a grand total of 6 nominations.

May I have the envelope please?

Poor Billy Crystal Probably wasn’t sure if he should play dead or run for his life when the co-star from the movie Legends of the Fall, Bart the Bear handed him the winning envelope at the 70th Academy awards. Who’s laughing now, Billy?