The Polar Express

polarexpress My daughter shares many exciting and magical things with me as a 9 year old child exploring the world and what it has to offer. Her most recent has been her fascination with genies and love for I Dream of Jeannie show that she has been watching on YouTube (full episodes), the spirit and magic of Christmas (I am Scrooge/Grinch, no Xmas spirit here or magic) and her enchantment with The Polar Express. Which all started at school, with them doing a Polar Express party by watching the movie with treats. Liz was so excited about the Polar Express that while we were at Sams Club she asked me if she could get the book. So, seeing how much she enjoyed it and wanted it I got it for her.

Honestly when we went home and the narrator read the story to us about the Christmas Train that took kids to the North Pole. It gave me chills and put me a tiny bit into the holiday spirit (which is a first). So it got me thinking about my old job as a ticket agent in Heber. Now back then I did go on a River Rafting Train Ride and Soldier Hallow ride with my ex. So I have rode the train of course. 🙂

Now, I have never heard the Christmas story of the Polar Express but I remembered when I worked on the Heberticketagent Valley Railroad as a Ticket Agent before moving to Mexico in 2001 and people were calling in and asking about the Christmas Train. At first, I was like what is that? My boss told me its one of their big events with Christmas decorations, hot cocoa and cookies and Santa aboard the train. I was like okay, I didnt think much of it. I was listening Christmas music around the clock there and it drove me nuts when I was working. I just did my job and sold tickets as a ticket agent. Now that I think of it, in December they REALLY drag out Christmas and all of its frills.

hebermountains Well seeing how excited the Polar Express story made Liz and my little excitement as well to go on a Christmas Train and back to my hometown Heber and where I used to work, I decided to purchase the tickets for us to go. I bought a couple of extra tickets for anyone else that wanted to join us and my Sister came with us. 🙂 So today began our trip at noon to ride the Polar Express.

We originally were going to go on Monday but there was supposed to be a bad Winter Snow Storm Warning so I rescheduled with SmithsTix for Thursday (today). When we left today it was 28 degrees in Salt Lake and 18 degrees in Heber City. COLD. The reason why it is colder, because Heber is higher up in the mountains. Liz loved us driving in the mountains and I was able to have some bonding time with my sister.

lizpehotcocoa So basically because of my sisters prompt effort for us to get their on time, we got there early lol! Anyway we were one of the first people to get our tickets and we were able to do some shopping in the gift shop before we boarded the train because we were 45 min early then we needed to be…they request you get there 30 min before…well, we were there and ready basically lol!

Finally we boarded the train. They had us sing Christmas Carols all the way down there so that we can maybe reach the North Pole to Santa. OMG, enough with the Christmas music already lol! Also, at first I thought in the beginning and only the beginning, the train was going to drive slow. NO. The ENTIRE trip! 45 min there and 45 min back.

pefamI was happy that my baby did participate in the Xmas Train activities such as holding up a card for the 12 days of Xmas, getting an Xmas joke to tell, participating in the train on the train lol! Since she sometimes starts off rather shy. She also thought Santa was kind of creepy but Mrs. Claus was sweet and took a picture with both and got a Christmas present that she wanted from Santa. Which was the magic bell told in the Polar Express story. Which I am still dumbfounded I was still trying to figure out what the present would be when it made perfect logical sense that it would be the Christmas bell from the Polar Express story! A BIG DUH MOMENT FOR ME. Liz said her favorite part was the hot chocolate and cookie.





As part of our theme and adventure I thought it was logical for us to have an early dinner at Dairy Keen – Home of the Train. Which is a small town hamburger joint celebrating all things train! A toy train goes inside and outside the of Dairy Keen building and they are famous for their shakes (the thousands of flavors that they have) and their Train Burger.

Wayyyyy back before I moved to Heber, I had went to Dairy Keen and had and loved their Swiss Jr. Burger as a kid and loved it. Then when we moved to Heber whenever I went there I got their special Train burger which was filled with ham, hamburger and the usual hamburger ingredients. dairykeensammich

Well 😉 on this special trip, I was going to logically stick the theme and get the same – The Train Burger. But what do oh my eyes see an even BIGGER burger!

And get this, I LOVED the name even more! TRAIN WRECK! LOL! I was like I HAVE to get this! It had the usual Train Burger which had ham, hamburger, 2 cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce, special sauce, pickle PLUS! Onion rings, chicken strips, bacon! All for the price of $8.88 or something like that. LMAOOO!!! I LOVED IT! I ate as much as I could of that bad boy before I had to decide to drop the sammich and get home lol! SO HAPPY I GOT IT LMAO! I ate probably 67% of it. Maybe a little bit more and every bit of it was delicious! <3 Picture on the left is of me eating the sammich.

Well it was a great day and now I am exhausted. Thanks for sharing in my experience. 🙂 Have a great holiday xmas thingy I guess : p