To Be or Not To Be….That is the Question…

Now this morning, I was scrolling through Facebook as usual and read a friends posts about eating raw food/juicing and how she had no side affects or cravings for junk and unhealthy food anymore and how she was craving nutritious food, a very good testimonial on the subject. Now, being a Beach Body Coach, I am mostly surrounded by people who do eat clean and workout all the time. But, speaking on myself, that is a different story.

See I go back and forth with myself. Do I want to quit Dr. Pepper, sugar, junk food, meat, processed/canned etc…No, because I love it and I grew up with it and I enjoy some of it. Since being a Coach though I did reach over a milestone and quit eating McDonalds. Now my daughter wont even eat it too which is good. It was actually starting to make me ill every time when I did. It upset my stomach when I ate the food I loved there – cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. Now the only thing I eat there is the pies, ice cream and coffee and a drink if I do happen to want or need one of those food items from there.

Right now I am more like the woman on the right in the picture. I give in to all my indulgences because I dont like denying myself and last time when I lost weight and got healthy I felt uncomfortable being thinner and lost some breast mass so I gained it back. I tried to quit drinking Dr. Pepper but I really do love it <3 I do believe in moderation and know I COULD do without if I did it correctly but now the question is, do I WANT to? I have all the resources available to me as a Beach Body Coach, I drink Shakeology and I have the Ultimate Reset which I think would be the best detox to start off 2013.

Also even though I dont like the holidays, well Xmas anyway. Thanksgiving is def my favorite and one I get excited about and celebrate every year. I will not put a limit on how much I eat. After Thanksgiving, it doesnt matter. But then it goes back to my first question, I can but do I WANT to? Plus I am a Foodie! I LOVE FOOD! I love rich food, not very many sweet foods except for milk chocolate. I want my cake and eat it too. And it aint even about being thinner but healthier and fit for me. I weigh 150lbs, I am 5’4″ and have a gut.

The other half of me loves natural, organic, homemade, handmade food and items. I think I have a hippie like nature and think cannabis should be legal. Which looks like we are not too far down that road now anyway 😉 Being a foodie though I have made tofu tacos, bubble and squeak and I constantly (now although fried) cook with tomatoes, onions and serrano chiles.

I think maybe if I could be somewhere down the middle still enjoy my coffee, Dr. Pepper, sugar, etc but still also workout and eat more natural and organic food. Like 50/50. Is that possible? I mean, I dont think I would lose all my breast mass, I can still enjoy all my favorite foods because I want too and still eat healthy recipes and when I exercise build muscle instead of getting thinner then I wouldnt be losing any fat, just changing its form to muscle.

Hmmm sounds like a plan to me 😉