Walmart Massage Chair

As of a couple of months ago or so, Walmart closed down their Portrait Studio and turned it into a game room. In the game room it has the usual games and win stuffed animals but they also added a unique and relaxing feature, massage chairs. For $1 you can get 3 minutes of a back rub or for $5 you can get 15 minutes.

I swear you can do anything at Walmart. Eat for $2 at McDonalds, rent a DVD $1 at Redbox, get your hair and nails done. Use the pharmacy, credit union and atm, get an eye exam and glasses, practically anything. You can spend all day in there running your errands and get entertain and fed for less than $5 lol! Lucky me, Walmart is only a block away from my house.

Side Note: I dont eat McDonalds anymore because their cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets upset my stomach now. But I still enjoy their ice cream, pies, coffee and water.

Yes, I understand that Walmart buys everything from China and treats their employees like crap. But, to each his own. I can walk into Walmart with my hair disheveled and in my PJ’s and no one would care. Its not a fashion contest and I dont care who I run into because I just dont give a shit. When my daughter is in school, I like to go and look around and shop peacefully. I dont like when its the afternoon and hundreds of people are there. I dont do crowds and that is why I dont do Black Friday neither.

Anyway there are two massage chairs at Walmart and I usually buy my daughter and myself a 3 minute massage. Well, the first time we did the massage, I felt like I got a 15 min massage and then the second time Liz got the 15 min massage. So, one of the chairs are having technical difficulties but whose complaining 😉 lol!