Xmas is over

xmasliz Now Im sure yall remember my posts about Xmas, I dont believe in it, Christ wasnt born on Xmas and its a Pagan holiday. But my family still celebrated for the sake of my daughter, who KNOWS that Santa is not real but believes in the Spirit of Xmas. I call it Xmas because I believe Christ has nothing to do with Xmas. So that is what it is to me. Xmas period. Scriptures in the Bible state not to celebrate made up holidays as well.

Anyway every year we celebrate Xmas on Xmas Eve because my mom is half German and that is when the Germans celebrate it. The majority of the presents were for my daughter of course. She got a purple throw, another journal, a light for reading, a tall jewelry box with antique jewelry because she likes to go through grandmas antique jewelry and wear it and use it, plus more things.

I got my sisters both Jennifer Lopez brand brown throws, then all of the girls got one. My Mom, Liz and Myself as well. 🙂 Dad a Beer Making Kit, Mom Vera Wang bath and body and a Cookie Lee necklace. I got a lapdesk for my laptop and my throw. I will be going back to Kohls with my Kohls bucks to buy the Britney Spears Fantasy Twist perfume I wanted and I will be getting a Mace Spray Gun as well. I also got money and Health Magazine subscription from my grandparents.

Dont get me wrong, I like getting presents and such. I mean who doesnt? But Xmas every year something goes wrong and all the gifts you get are really not used and turned into junk. Depending on what the item is. I took my daughter on the Polar Express Xmas Train this year, now to me, that was an EXPERIENCE she will never forget vs some present.

Plus every year my daughter and I take a staycation at a local hotel like Holiday Inn Express but this year we are going to stay at the Hampton Inn. We have stayed at a hotel for a staycation the last 3 years. Its our own personal tradition. I love staycations and escaping to a hotel. Usually we take our chihuahua Sheesha but this year we are staying the Hampton in 2013 and they only allow service dogs.

But I do understand we all have special presents growing up. A few years back my grandparents got me a custom made necklace in Oregon and I just love it and have gone through some chains but wear it ALL THE TIME. It has a lot of meaning to me and will be passed down to my daughter.

Anyway Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 😉