After All These Years Together With Your Pet… What Now?

Whether your best friend road at the very front of your fishing boat, loved catching frisbees in the park, pointed out your prey during countless hunting trips, took home their share of trophies and blue ribbons, or simply stole your heart with their loving eyes… once they are no longer with you, they will be sorely missed. Having a stunning dog painting of your best friend of many years is a beautiful reminder of all you once shared.

A man and his dog

There are only a few things that can bring even the most hardened man to his knees: the death of his mother, the death of his wife or child and the death of his beloved four-legged companion. That said, the listing of those is in no particular order and would no doubt be prioritized differently by some individuals. From boyhood, some men have developed a closer and more meaningful relationship with their four-legged best buddies than they do with most people – and for good reason!

Unconditional love

Even the arguably ugliest dog in the world has someone to love it. If they don’t break your heart with those adoring eyes or that fuzzy face, they’ll capture your heart with their unconditional love. Should you doubt that statement, take a walk out of your door (make sure your dog sees you leave). Now wait five minutes and come back in. How happy is that little guy or gal to see you again? Five minutes people! Let anyone find a human companion that can match that level of exuberance upon your return after five lousy minutes. (Good luck with that by the way.)

And then there are the extremists

Now, some people apparently need just had bit more than a photo album or a beautiful cat or dog painting. Some individuals just insist on going to extremes. These are the individuals that resort to, what some view as, something just a bit twisted. Taxidermy. To a select few, this is a way to be able to have Fluffy forever asleep in his favorite spot. To many however, it borders on being creepy. That said, it may truly make more sense than some strange deer head on the wall. Seriously, the taxidermied pets were loved and cherished for years. The deer you probably met once – and what did you do? You shot it. “Sorry about that, deer, but how about I make it up to you by putting you up at my place (on my wall that is)?”