Help Whitney find her birth parents!

Help Me Find My Parents

Help Me Find My Parents

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Help me find my birth parents!
Born November 17th 1991
At Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Provo Utah
They named me Whitney

Mother Born June 1975 Father May 1975
They were both sixteen

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7 Responses to Help Whitney find her birth parents!

  1. bonnie martin says:

    did your birth parents yet?

  2. Dumbass says:

    You idiots post anythign that sounds pretty, right? This is a fake story to get people to give up their email addresses

  3. Daytona says:

    Hey DUMBASS good name choice btw……….YOUR WRONG…………SHE DID find her Mom …………………..

    have a nice day YOU IDIOT!!!

  4. Riston says:

    Go there if you really want results. I just did and have been found.

  5. Riston says:

    Go to this site if you want results. I worked for me.

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