Infinity Downline vs Empower Network

First, I would like to say, I am in both Empower Network and Infinity Downline. The reason why I am doing this post is because there are a few differences as well as a lot of similarities between the two and I am going to break it down for everyone 🙂 (Including myself).

Peter Wolfing is the owner and founder of Infinity Downline backed by its parent company Multiplex Systems Incorporated which has been around for at least 13 years. Infinity Downline was opened for World Wide operations in March 2009. Source:

David Wood and David Sharpe are the owners and founders of Empower Network that started in September 2011. As far as I know they were two broke homeless men who made thousands of dollars in less than 6 months. I think logically Im sure they had some marketing skills and also learned very quickly.

Empower Network
Infinity Downline

Infinity Downline products are audio/video education and trading education.

Empower Network products are Viral Blogging System, Inner Circle Membership, Costa Rica Intensive The 15K Formula, Masters Course. Basically marketing training educational materials.

ID cost is $25 a month for audio/video education, $100 a month for Trading Education

EN cost is $25 a month for Viral Blogging System, $100 a month for Inner Circle, Costa Rica Intensive ONE Time $500, The 15K Formula is ONE Time $1600 (or a $1,000?) and Master Course is ONE time $3,000.

Empower Network
Infinity Downline

With ID you have many different methods to be paid from PayPal, AlertPay, Google Checkout, Cash, Check, Fedex, UPS (both with or without signature required), Money Gram, Western Union, PSI Gate, LinkPoint,, Intabill. You are paid INSTANTLY after a sign up and every 30 days from there.

EN you are paid via eWallet (which is $19 a month charge on top of what you pay monthly) . You are Paid ONCE a month.

Both companies offer 100% Commissions and RESIDUAL income from their products. I know on ID their pass up structure is your 2nd and 4th and no more after that. Empower Network Sales on the $25 product – Sale #2, #4, #6 and every 5th sale after of the $25 product are passed up. Sales on the $100 product – Sale #2, #4, #6 and every 5th sale after of the $100 product are passed up.

On top of Residual Income Empower Network offers BIG COMMISSIONS. So I think between the education of both products you are set to do very well.

Both companies are International.

So with all this, I decided how to handle this with both companies is keep ID for my Residual and earn BIG Commissions from EN. Both have very good products to grow any of your outside MLMs. I like the freedom of both companies vs the normal MLM. I also like your average network marketing company too although they are not as lineant if you are with other businesses other than theirs (and I blogged about that before too).

I would love for you to join me in either 🙂
Empower Network
Infinity Downline