My January 2013 Update – REVISED

newme0113 Well Happy New Year! I realized I needed to do a regular update since we are almost in February now. Well, first I just wanted to mention that I learned 2 days before the new year I was going to be an Auntie because my Sis is going to have a baby and Tally, our family dog, passed away 6 days into the new year. So I had kind of mixed emotions of happiness and sadness into 2013.

This year, 2013, I decided to take more control over my life and finally build my Residual Income. So I decided to only focus on my MCA and Empower Network business. Plus, I have my smaller affiliate programs that I market as well like Email Processing and Freebies

EDIT: As of 02/01/13 I had decided to drop Infinity Downline and iLivingApp business programs.

Since Im only focused on ID and I get kind of in a slump easily or bored, or have add or adhd if you may I finally decided to start my own cat facebook page called Babys Cat World basically a facebook page about cats by my cat Baby. SEE! 😀 I wanted a page about her too, like Tard the Grump or Mustachio but also about other cats, cat memes, etc.. so I just combined the two ideas. Got it started with some likes from my friends on Facebook as well as a jumpstart with fiverr for some likes there as well. I sure hope it takes off. I love all kinds of cats and I want to spread awareness that cats are friendly and loving too. <3 I figured this was better than getting sidetracked into another business, which plenty come out and spread throughout Facebook like a wildfire. For a change, I also dyed my hair black, it took a couple of tries but the second box actually dyed my hair black like I wanted. I started Chalene Johnsons 30 Day Challenge again and a 52 Money Saving Challenge as well. I had planned on working out at the beginning of the year but between working on my main goal and the snow and such I just havent got around to it. Its not a top priority though, but it is still is a priority. Still in the planning phase of my online marketing strategies go although still using my typical YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist are my best free methods, I have been testing paid methods as well. I have tried Rent-a-List 4 times with 4 different ads/businesses and NO success. I think I give up on them or I may not be doing something correctly. I might email them. My Blog I noticed has taken a growth spurt, which I am happy to finally see since I did pay for a huge press release and submission service from one of my income payments I got working online. THIS YEAR 2013, is going to be MY YEAR! This year Mothers Day and my Birthday fall on the same day, crazy :p I plan on having a luau since I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and damn straight yall know Im going to go all out...the grass skirts, pig, Hawaiian shirt, anything else I can get for a real Hawaiian party. idk why I chose the theme besides wanting to go to Hawaii but last year I went to Olive Garden and idk I like to do something more unique than that, thats more my style 😉 I am thinking I might date this year too, who knows. idk. I dont think I care either way and I dont like dating AT ALL. On February 5th Liz and I are going to National Pancake Day at IHOP, then Valentines Day is coming up and as usual going to get Liz and myself something and then my dads birthday. Thats all I have for now, ciao 😉