Staycation 2013

staycation2013 As usual, if you have seen from my previous blog posts, Liz and I take a Staycation every year. This year was truly different than our last 3 years.

The big difference was it was not in the same hotel, instead of Holiday Inn Express we stayed at The Hampton Inn Hilton Hotels (which was closer to home as well, in the same city vs another city in Salt Lake), since it was unlike the previous hotel, no pets allowed, only service animals. So we could not bring our chihuahua Sheesha. We also invited my sister to join us in our little vacation away from home.

Now, I booked the hotel reservation directly from the hotels website to see if I could save more money. Big mistake and I will explain why towards the end. I used my mothers AARP membership to get a cheaper rate.

Anyway I called the morning of the day of the Staycation and was able to check-in at noon instead of usual check-in time at 3pm. Which was good, so Liz and I got ready and left. I gave him my info at the front desk (debit card and mothers AARP card) and he gave us the 3 room keys I requested (still dont know why I asked for 3 lol, Liz wasnt going to anywhere by herself at all in the hotel but oh well).

Our room was 215, so we took the elevator up to the 2nd floor and to our room. Now, I didnt pay attention at first but there was a DND on the door handle and I just walked in with our key card. Uh oh. Some guy on in the room was like, um sorry but this is my room you need to talk to the front desk, and I was thinking oh shit, I have to go back downstairs again and do this all over again? So we went back downstairs and said whats up and they apologized and gave us the correct room key of 315. I guess the dude was a stayover (stay another night) and he had called the front desk about the situation too. So then carrying my heavy bag, we went back on the elevator and to the 3rd floor.

So finally Liz and I made it to our REAL room and I unpacked our things. I told my sister we got an early check-in and she would be getting ready and coming in a couple of hours. The room was beautiful though! HUGE! Bigger than our rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. We loved it. After we relaxed for about an hour we went back downstairs and got a free coffee and hot cocoa, since they have a free beverage center 24/7 with coffee, tea and hot cocoa. We must have went down there 4+ times throughout the night lol! They also have a 24/7 Fitness and Swimming pool and business center. I did not use any of those though. I was there to relax.

It was crazy, I tried to nap twice….every time when I got into a deep nap, my phone would blow up with texts lol! It was kind of insane and annoying. Finally gave up on the nap but felt awake enough. A few hours later after my sister arrived we were going to go get some food but its started snowing really bad so we ended up eating at the hotel store in the lobby. Had a delicious beef and bean burrito, and charged it to my room, ice cream snickers and then later some top ramen chicken soup. No room service, it wasnt that kind of hotel 😉 lol! They also had a 24/7 store with food to microwave and dry snacks.

Liz was waiting for her new Disney shows to come on last night – Austin and Ally, Shake it Up and probably another one I cant think of at the moment. Liz always has to make sure she has her Disney, Im so happy they had the Disney Channel because I know the majority of the hotels use Dish and I dont like Dish lol! I prefer DirectTV or Comcast 😉 At around 8 Liz fell asleep, which surprised me but woke up again a few hours later and then was hungry so then I fed her and she went back to sleep. I was up with my sister watching Lock Up and Big Bang Theory and reading my book VC Andrews Delias Crossing. Then finally after 11pm I was full and ready to go to bed, so I drank the hotel milk (which was 2% my fam drinks whole milk) and took my tyenol pms and went to bed.

In the AM, I got my morning wake up call from the hotel. Yes, I requested one at 8:30 am so that Liz and I could hit breakfast before 10am. Liz had Cheerios and hot chocolate and I had Biscuits and Gravy with scrambled eggs, apple/orange juice combo and coffee. It was delicious. I also forgot that my neighbor worked there and she was curious as is to why Liz and I were there and I explained to her about our annual staycation. Then Liz and I went back to the room and slept for another hour or so before we checked out. Then I woke up, packed our stuff and got ready to go. I also left he maids a $5 tip, even though I kept our hotel room as clean as I do. Whether at a restaurant or in a hotel. I was a housekeeper and waitress once!

So finally Liz and I went to checkout, and the guy next to me said his bill was cheaper than he expected, he was Swiss or German or something and with his friend. He had done it through a third party site, when I asked about my rate they said that with AARP that was the weekend rate (we went on a Sunday) and it was $99 (tax) and his was $74. I felt like an ass, especially since I was trying to do this as inexpensive as possible. I did it through the hotel directly because I heard from someone else it was cheaper that way. Well…Needless to say, I have done it both ways now.

After chatting with Liz, we decided we would not be going back to that hotel next year. It just didnt sit well from the getgo, but it was still a nice, relaxing experience. Everyone should try to take a Staycation sometime in their life. 🙂

What is a Staycation? Per wikipedia A staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation [dubious – discuss]) is a neologism for a period in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at a hotel or motel close (~5 km) to their residence.