Happy Valentines Day 02.14.13

I had been hating on Valentines Day for as long as I have been single and yes, that is the truth I hate V Day when I am single, plus its a commercialized pagan holiday. Here is Part 1 of Fuck Valentines Day! But as a surprise to myself, I actually had a great V Day. First, like I do every morning, is I get myself a cup of coffee and get on laptop in the am and I found these wonderful notes from my daughter and she led me on a scavenger hunt which led me to her jewelry box with a V Day present. 🙂 I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, I kind of new she had a surprise for me for V Day but I wasnt sure, but she told everyone and had it planned for at least a couple of weeks. I was just so amazed that my daughter was so thoughtful especially when she knew how I felt about Valentines Day. I also gave my daughter her v day surprise which was a Barbie Valentines Day basket. She loved it as well.

The night before my daughter created her V Day box for her Valentines Day party at school. I thought she did an awesome job with a hole cut in the shape of a heart for her V Day candy and cards. 🙂 Needless to say she had a great V Day and V Day party at school on Thursday.

So on V Day was also lunch with parents day. So I brought Liz a single red rose in a vase, chocolate covered strawberries, Subway and a Dr. Pepper. She was really surprised! She knew I was going to bring Subway but the extra was a real amazed and loved it. I wanted to make it extra special. 🙂

Then after lunch I went and picked up my cousin and we went to my sisters place to hang out for a minute. And we took a little family pic with all of us and that night my cuz made heart cookies that my sis got Liz for Valentines Day.

So it turned out to be a great day instead of a depressing one like I had expected.