My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial Just a little background, I became an Motor Club of America Associate on June 4th 2012 and in the 6+ months of being a Rep, I never once had to use my MCA benefits. Which I was kind of disappointed because I consider myself a product of the product. Meaning, the products or services I sell, I USE. Well lo and behold National Pancake Day I was able to use them! (Feb 5th 2013).

Let me start out, I had planned on spending the day with my daughter and sis by first hitting the free pancakes at IHOP for National Pancake Day, which is IHOPs annual promotion that they have. They give you one free short stack of buttermilk pancakes. Then after pancakes we were going to be running some errands throughout the day.

After pancakes and some errands, our last stop was Enterprise Car Rental get my sis a rental car, since hers was totaled. After a little more running around at different Enterprise locations, we were able to get my sis a rental car.

Well, as soon as she got a car from Enterprise, we were all about to leave when the car sales guy let me know that my tire was flat. So we brought it into their shop to air up the tire and the tire was so broke we could not air it up. So I was upset and confused for a brief moment when my sister reminded me that I had MCA. I was like OMG, thanks I cannot believe I didnt even remember that lol!

So, I got on the phone with them, and there was a little miscommunication on both ends because the customer service rep kept asking me to repeat myself and he kept repeating back the wrong information and annoying me, but after I was done giving him all the information he said he would call me back in 15 min and let know when the local car help guy would be there and he said it could take 30-45 min for him to arrive. So my sister and I decided to go and eat lunch at Hooters while we waited.

Well, 15 min past, 30 min past and I called MCA back and said whats up? They said that they tried calling me back on my number and there was no answer and I said that was impossible because I kept checking my phone waiting on a call. So the lady took all my info again and called me back in 15 and said the guy will be there in 40 min.

He showed up and took him maybe 20-25 min and he was really nice and quick, the job itself took 10 min to do. So he gave me his card and I gave him a $10 tip. Overall, once the communication was fixed, MCA sent someone out ASAP and I got my tire changed by my spare. So overall, it was pretty good.

During this whole charade of getting my car situated the Enterprise dude was telling me to call his AAA rep, my mom was asking if some guys can help us out and I refused, because I only wanted to use my MCA Service and I DID.

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My First Personal MCA Testimonial
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