Dr Pepper Always One of a Kind

dr pepper
dr pepper

I thought today and since I havent blogged in awhile I would blog about something I love – Dr Pepper because I thought I wanted to quit drinking soda when honestly I know I really dont and I love the flavor too much. I tried quitting before, maybe a couple of times before but I always go back to the great flavor called Dr Pepper. This time I went a day and a half without soda : p I do drink a lot less than I did years ago though, I used to drink 2-3 12oz cans a day and now a 2 2ltrs last me a week between my daughter and myself. So, I have got better but I still prefer the taste and I also drink coffee, water, milk, flavored water, juice and sugar free ice tea.

I remember when I first tried Dr. Pepper. I was around maybe 9 years old, maybe a little older or a little younger, Im not sure. I was hanging out with my moms friends daughter and her mom always drank Dr. Pepper. I tried it and I was in LOVE. The only drink I have preferred since. My mom was funny, I remember her saying your my daughter how come you dont like Coke? lol! Although the short time I lived in Mexico I drank glass bottled Coke since they did not have Dr. Pepper there and that was fulfilling until I was able to have Dr. Pepper again.

Anyway, so this morning I have been researching a more natural form of Dr. Pepper, such as making my own with the 4-5 main ingredients since Dr. Pepper is made with harmful chemicals that are out to kill us. (serious, research it) Plus it makes me bloated and I dont like that. Any Diet soda (including Diet Dr Pepper) is even WORSE than the full calorie drink itself (research that as well) plus I dont like the taste of Diet soda period so Diet Dr. Pepper is out of the question.

First I looked at Soda Stream, there concoction is just as bad as the real deal. Now Im looking at eHow on how to make the syrup. I always found the Dublin Dr. Pepper that is made with pure sugar cane, but still unsure of the other ingredients and if they are safe or as bad as the official Dr. Pepper. I might order the sugar cane Dr Pepper though, since I found a cheap place for it online. But I also want to try to make my own natural and healthy version of the popular soft drink. I know I cannot come up with the 23 unique flavors in it but I can at least come up with something close to satisfy my taste buds and be healthier then the chemical based shit on the market. Which I happen to love : p

Dr. Pepper was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas (you can read more about that HERE)

Soda was also originally created as a medicine and still used today as a medicine to sooth upset stomach and other issues.
Soda kills 180,000 people a year

22 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

So to solve my dilemma and love for Dr Pepper and its harmful potent I am going to create my own cheap natural version and try not to consume as much of the real flavored sweet soda <3

Like Dr Pepper, I am Always One of a Kind 😉