How Radio Network Advertisements Trump The Norm

According to standard advertising nomenclature, marketing is a visual medium. Customers are supposed to respond well to logos, videos and infographics. In a world of social media, 140 character tweets and interactive websites, using the spoken word to advertise seems positively archaic. Of course, true marketing geniuses never met in-store radio advertising, the very format which transforms consumer thought processes while they’re shopping. It is rather difficult for traditional advertising to audibly reach the masses; here’s exactly how radio network advertisements trump normality in ad choices.

Printing Costs Money

Radio music cannot be recycled, crushed or lose luster after 100 years. Print media costs money to print, labor to print and send, and the same labor to recycle. When speaking about print media or sometimes just advertising in general, a lot of people often immediately think of leaflets, pamphlets, brochures or flyers.

Leaflets that would come flooding into post office boxes every morning (this sounds like direct mail not print?), usually advertising lettings agencies, insurance quotes or the likes, lose interest quickly because they simply take up more garbage can space than their worth. Music, especially classic rock or other predated selections, don’t cost money to play. Just your time, air time and 30 second ad slots.

Another disadvantage of print media is that larger companies are buying up the ads space which is driving up the cost making most local print not affordable for small businesses. Also, print is dying and there is not the readership that there once was.

Radio Now Reaches Siberia

The key to effective advertising is creating content that actually reaches your customer base or target market – it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on creating a flashy website or recording a radio spot; unless your target audience actually sees or hears your ad, you’ve wasted your money and failed to grow your business.

Today’s consumers are constantly inundated with advertisements; as a result, many marketers have convinced business owners that they need to spend more money to create marketing tools. Advertising with MyRadio reaches local, regional or global audiences more fluidly than other methods, saving wastedefforts with ad words or online coupons.

Laughter, The Best Shopping Tool

People gravitate towards comedy, humor and music all wrapped into one package. Radio advertisements could deliver such culminations, with ease, based off niche specific business needs. Advertisers simply send their pitch, qualified radio script writers throw in comedy, and sound board techs put effects into the background while continually play music. While customers are shopping specific stores, targeted ads related to deals, both in-store or locally, could be played which drives sales tickets northward. It’s simply win-win for everyone whereas sifting social media, print or email ads for signs of ‘victory’ tends to be ‘California dreaming’.

Vocal Beats Lifeless

Lifeless advertisements, mainly overpriced parchment or laser printed flyers, waste time and money when the advertisement will hit the trash can. You might consider using coupons the back of receipts from the grocery store for this section Since vocalization hits the memory back more affluently than other nonliving scripts, advertisers are being robbed of the opportunity to really make lasting impressions which radio network advertising does with literal ease.