The Hunting Season Starts! – Getting Supplies And Other Items

It is that season again and you and a couple of guys are looking for an adventure in the wild. Since camping has become child’s play and associated with girl guides, men are looking for more manly thinks to do. The only thing left apart from football is hunting and it is something many people are taking to doing but only in several states. Hunting for sport has been a past time activity even for kings.

The difference between then and now is that, today not all animals can be hunted and hunting happens in seasons. This means that before getting the supplies detailed below you will need to have a permit from the State for hunting that specific animal.

  • Guns

There are specific guns for hunting that are permissible for specific States. In most places, the guns are controlled in order to ensure, only the right people have them. It is important to carry a quiet gun so as not to disrupt the other prey for the other hunters. There are hunters who have a respect for stalking and pinning the prey down, having silent guns allows them this privilege. Guns are bought in registered gun shops or hired at the hunting trail where the State assigns the gun to someone, and registers it for a few hours.

  • Hunting dogs

This are an old tradition, the use of dogs to track prey has been for centuries been used to make things easier for the hunters. The dogs are also used to chase the prey out of their hiding so that the hunters can take their shot. The main and most common breed used when hunting is the bloodhound. This breed has a powerful nose, which it uses to track prey for up to ten miles at a time. Other breeds such as retrievers, boerbulls, bulldogs, mastiff, and German shepherds can be trained to hunt.

  • Hunting wear

For hunting, you need to wear clothes that help you to blend into the surrounding. Camouflage is necessary just like your hunting gear. Many people have borrowed from the military and decided to fashion their gear into military camouflage. Others still maintain the old school fur jackets with fox jackets for women. However, whatever you wear should help you get closer to the animal without being seen.

  • Other weapons

Hunters need not only a gun but also several other weapons, which can help to take care of, captured prey. This equipment or weaponry include machetes for cutting twigs, setting u snares and traps, knives for skinning the animals and also for protection in case you lose your gun by mistake.