Happy 31st Birthday to Me!

Well my birthday was great and interesting to say the least. My siblings went to Las Vegas. Which is something they had no control over but I just wish more of my family could have been home to celebrate. It was special because this year my birthday and mothers day were on the same day this year. Which happens I believe every few years.

Well, the day before I bought myself a pink lounge short gown with robe to wear during the summer. In all my pictures I am wearing it. Since my other robe is heavier and for winter. I woke up to coffee from my mom, she bought new a new pink coffee cup that says Jersey Girl on it. Then I was given my presents. 😀 I got a Mothers Day pillow and Mothers Day pendant from my daughter Liz. My Mother Daughter Pendant (she gets one half and I get the other) was my birthday gift and the pillow was my mothers day present.

I got pink shaggy wheel and carseat covers for my car. I love it. It keeps me cool in the summer and keeps my seats nicer looking then they were without them. I also got a pink bling purse! I love it. I am always in the market for big pink purses. Most recently I was able to find some. 2 at Walmart and 1 at Savers plus this one was a bonus, so I have enough to keep me busy for awhile. I am such a bag whore! :p I also got some cash from a few relatives. It was an awesome birthday! 😀

Then later that night we had Tequila 1800 Reposado and Tequila Rose with tres leches cake with smooth chocolate ice cream.

Since it was mothers day also I got my mom a turquoise scarf with a cross pendant since she loves necklaces and has a thing for scarves.