May 2013 Update

lizmeschcarny Looking back I see its kind of been awhile since I updated my blog, just going through a lot of changes in my life both professionally and personally.

First, well personally, I kind of started talking to more men, meeting them online and from offline. I text a few but nothing serious. I’m just meh, no one excites me. My standards must be too high :p So now Im not really interested in meeting men anymore. I think that fix is gone now.

I also have been paying special close attention to my Baby, that is why she is in this picture this time 🙂 I have been having lunch with her daily at school, volunteering at her school in her classes, to help the teachers or just observe and school events like the Fun Run or School Carnival. 🙂 She loves it. I put her in Counseling to help with her shyness and such and I am putting her in a private school for 5th grade, she got accepted just waiting on the status of the scholarship. Its a Christian School with daily scripture reading and weekly chapel. I am very excited for her and so is she. So now we just wait till next school year. 🙂 I feel like I am micromanaging her but its for the best.

Speaking of Christianity, I started going to Church at the same place she will be going to school at next Fall. She came with me a couple of times but is not too thrilled and thinks its boring, the school setting will be more at her level once she starts going to her new school, but the service to her is boring. Which is fine, I have no problem going to church alone. In fact, I enjoy it more alone. Im trying to find my place with GOD and need to go where I can relate to people who feel the same. I dont have to worry about religion or any of that shit like other places. Its just simple and purely about GOD.

Personally, I also lost a couple of good friends, online and offline, which made me kind of sad. But Im used to it just being me. My circle is now smaller and I am fine with that. Im sure new people will come into my life who are more sincere and those are the kind of people I want to spend time with.

Professionally, I have been slacking big time, because I had the funds available to me for awhile. Now not any longer so trying to find my place in the business world again. I remember from empower network training or something like that, a google hangout or what not or just seeing it come up on my newsfeed on facebook the quote and I will never forget it and believe it to be true is “The man who chases two rabbits, catches none” English Proverb. So I decided to 1) Find a telecommuting job 2) Focus on one biz. Well, decided to become an eBay Seller during the day and then focus on my Infinity Downline when I work online day or night.

I also randomly, well not that much, decided to become an AVON rep again. I just missed it. I had done it twice, once when I was 18 and joined the networking marketing world and then a few years back and I just love their products and such. So decided to do it again.

See, this is exactly my problem is focusing. Doing the eBay thing though is more like a job and ID is where I completely want to focus. I know, seems like Im still chasing 2 or more rabbits but eBay is really like a job, because its just not my thing. I dont think ever in my life I really sold on eBay. I understand the shipping marketing down to a T though because of my previous work. Plus, we have so much stuff to sell. So it works out perfectly. I will be using USPS and possibly UPS. I dont know yet. Ironically I will be getting rid of old biz inventory I dont really use. Liquidate as much as I can really and make an income to pay the bills at the same time 😀

Oh another thing I got into was fucking Candy Crush Saga lol! It just kept coming up on my newsfeed on facebook and I finally said forget it, one facebook game wont kill me. :p Now Im addicted and on Level 53 I think? Im already on facebook a lot as it is playing a game just adds to my entertainment. Plus when I run out of lives I can go back to working on my biz. I also got my daughter and mom hooked on the game too lol!

We will also finally be going on vacation this year to Mexico. Im so excited to get away from this house, this town, everything! I need to so bad. House & Pet Sitting maybe a an easy job but sometimes no matter where you are or how good life is you still need to get the fuck out of your surroundings! I also plan on going to Las Vegas to visit my dad too, I think we will be doing it around the same time.

Hmmm let me see, is there anything else…nope. Until later 😉