Jackie, what do you do for a living?

6a00d83452439069e20120a5c34f78970c It took me a minute to find a picture that relates to all that I do at home. Still missing a couple of things though. Im at a work at home mom, I am a house sitter and pet sitter. I am a single mom, blogger and entrepreneur.

I remember thinking that being a housekeeper & sitter and pet sitter would be awesome and now to actually be doing it, its great. It has crossed my mind to be a babysitter but I would rather be responsible for my own child(ren) and take care of animals instead since I feel like animals relate to me more.

It wasnt always like this, for 15 years of my life I had worked my ass off outside of the house, especially the last 10 years, I worked full time outside the home in the corporate world and hated it. I did have a couple of favorite jobs though. I worked for PEI (Carleton Sheets) and met him a couple of times, it was a call center, but a call center about self-development, Robert K. and Jack Canfield would come to our building. It was an amazing place to work. Let me go back further, after high school and when I was married I worked as a ticket agent at the Heber Valley Railroad, that was an awesome job as well. Right after high school, although very brief I worked as a night auditor at Holiday Inn Express graveyard, I loved that job.

My specialty in the workforce was a Customer Service Representative. I was good at it though. I worked 10 years in that field. I had a love/hate thing with it too. My last job before working from home was a Preferred Customer Associate for UPS. I moved all the way up to Preferred. Starting as a Shipping, moved to Universal (shipping and tracking), Billing, Tracing and finally Preferred before I quit at $17.25 an hour. I worked for UPS for 6 years. Longest job I ever stayed at. I also had a love/hate thing with the company I worked for. UPS is a very strict company with very high standards for their call center reps. I tried to quit a few times before I actually did. It did have its moments though. I remember when I worked in the Billing dept customers would send me gifts from their company, from candy to bbq sauce for doing an adjustment on their bill. I also received “Compliments” from customers. Ironically in the Preferred Customer Service dept for our VIP customers, it wasnt like that, or it was in the beginning but not anymore.

What I was interested in UPS did not have. Which was sales or marketing. The job was not challenging. I felt like my brain turned to mush and I always HATED taking orders from ANYONE. I always challenged my superiors. I was a naughty girl and got written up plenty of times lol! I knew I didnt belong in the 9-5 deal since I could remember. 18 is when I started my first biz and SWORE up and down I would retire from the rat race when I turned 30 and I guess I believed it so much, that I quit 2 months before my 30th birthday. Now here I am. 😀

EDITED on 01/13/2016: If you want to learn more about what I do and has been updated the best place to go is to JackieRose.tk.

Mainly I just focus on my blog, I am also a Nurse Assistant as well, not certified but completed the training.


I also do off and on telemarketing phone jobs from home from what I get off Craigslist or other telecommuting websites for extra money – I have called Republicans to vote for a certain judge in a certain state, I have called Real Estate Offices, I have called on other finance offices. It varies.

Theres what I do for a living and what I did for a living in a nutshell. 😉