Liz Lemonade Stand

memorialdaylemonade Every week Liz had been asking to do a Lemonade Stand to make extra money and finally on Memorial Day 2013 I made one for her with the help of my parents. I went and bought Country Time Lemonade, Styrofoam cups, a yellow board for the lemonade sign. Then we took 2 TV trays and 2 chairs and went down the street to sell lemonade. I also brought my MCA flyers to promote the benefits and some AVON catalogs. Trying to kill two birds with one stone type of deal. :p

So we set up business in the mid afternoon of the day in a cross street near our house and sold for 3 hours. In the beginning it was really slow then she got 6 Sales and a $5 Tip 😀 She ended the day with 20 Sales and $13.75 in tips. I got the cups and she poured the lemonade.

lemonadeallergies The following Saturday of Memorial Day she had another lemonade stand, but this time she had bad allergies so I poured the lemonade this time. We didnt stay the full 3 hours but she did get 10 sales in the first 25 minutes this time and a $20 tip from someone who didnt want to purchase any lemonade but really just help her out. This time she had made 15 Sales and $26.13 in Tips. For a total of $57.38 combined with sales and tips from both Memorial Day and this Saturday.

Everyone who bought lemonade asked her what she was saving up for, Im like well she really isnt saving up for anything, she just likes to save money. Shes really good at it. Because when I dont have money to buy her what she wants she buys it herself like more Barbies and Barbie clothes or nice lunches at Famous Daves or candy. She also gets a weekly allowance of $10 as well so now she is just going to save her Lemonade money and spend her Allowance money. She plans on selling lemonade the rest of spring and all summer long.

I love that she is doing this for many reasons 1) Make her own money 2) Learn about being an Entrepreneur like her mother 3) See what its like to have a job and have to work for your money.

Next week for something different we are going to sell pink lemonade. If you want some come between 12-3pm every Saturday on 5600 West and 7000 South in Salt Lake City, Utah. 🙂