New Addiction: Candy Crush Saga

Candy-Crush-Addict It all started when I kept seeing on my facebook newsfeed all my friends would join in and begin to play CCS. At first I was against it, but then finally one day, I think out of boredom I thought I would see what all the hoopla was about. Now I see why lol! Its addicting and reminds me of my old school game that I played on nintendo as a kid – Tetris. Whenever I play the game I seem to want gumballs or even chocolate.

I also got my daughter and mother playing. The game makes you desperate sometimes and you need to purchase more moves or even lives to get through a level. I havent ever really got into Facebook games, I tried to do Pot Farm and I was just not into Farmville. I admire the app makers on getting rich off of games such as these. Very smart, millions on FB, lets put a game app there and make it tricky so that they pay for moves or lives. Its starts out really cheap, like $1 for 5 moves then the more you buy it slowly gets more expensive.

I have never thought of myself as a gamer. I mean, when I was a kid I was into Nintendo and saving the Princess on Mario Bros, I played Tetris. There is this one awesome game I used to play at the 7-11 in Las Vegas and hell I cannot remember the name for ANYTHING. Its about this Tarzan chubby character who is going up a hill and jump over rock balls and such. It was such a cool game. I just wish I could remember the name. I think even a few years back I played on Yahoo Games the Pool game, I thought that was pretty fun. I also had a DS Lite and played this one cake or bakery game, (again I cannot remember the name) okay, maybe I am somewhat of a gamer. : p I also love playing Nintendo Wii Bowling.

It makes sense for me to play Candy Crush Saga since I am on Facebook 24/7, you get tired of scrolling and nothing is ever going on. You play a game and then you’re not bored anymore. It is also good critical thinking skills, learning strategies to beat the game with so many moves you are given. Now THAT is what makes it great. The two things you always have to remember is how many points are needed to beat the level and it could be either timed, you need to bring down ingredients or get rid of the jelly. When I first started playing I had no idea what in the hell the jelly was lol!

Whenever I get to a new level I always forget to pay attention to what is needed and intentionally screw up since I never check to see how many points are needed to pass the level. Then the last 4 men I try to plan my strategy. I also remember back when my bro and I were in school and he would play his games that he could look up cheats, so I have kind of googled CCS cheats, or Candy Crush cheats to see if there is anything I SHOULD know. But mostly its just more strategies to try. I dont think you can cheat at CCS.

You can also ask your friends for more lives and you have to wait like an hour before you get 5 lives again. Which isnt too bad. You can also get moves from friends, you help them unlock levels and episodes.

Anyway I think its a fun game. Give it a shot but I promise you maybe become Addicted 😉