Food Review: Fry Sauce

Fry-Sauce Before I start on this actual post, my internet was giving me issues loading so I couldnt blog and I love this image I found for fry sauce and it had to placed on the right this time because with my blog posts images I do left right left right left right etc…but because this image is made to be placed on the left and my previous post pic started on the left as well I had no choice but to place it on the left. Kind of annoying but couldnt find another fry sauce image I liked.

Okay done rambling about the blog post picture problem now onto the actual post 😉

First before I get into it, what is fry sauce? Very simple its mayo and ketchup blended to give it a less tangy flavor and good with fries I guess lol! Its similar to thousand island dressing as well which I like on my hamburgers and such as well.

So I first learned about fry sauce when I moved to Utah with my family when I was 13-14 years old in 1995-1996. I first tried it at my favorite burger place – Dairy Keen. I never heard or knew about it when I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I was like WTF is this? But it is so yummy.

For some strange reason I decided to blog about it tonight, Im just trying to figure out what my reason was in the first place. I think because we had Sonic today and I was thinking about Artic Circle and then fry sauce and then I saw that Artic Circle CLAIMS that they invented fry sauce in 1948 lol! HA! They are a Utah based franchise and wikipedia does claim that fry sauce is a western Utah and Idaho based food (not sure because I heard the east coast and south both have it to and call it something different).

While I was googling I also discovered that there are a few versions of fry sauce on the market including Famous Daves! I have seen some in the grocery stores but its so easy to make, I dont even bother purchasing it. The only thing I like to order that is sauce is Moochies Jalapeno Sauce. YUM! (that is another blog post though 😉 ). Now THAT is made with awesome ingredients like ranch and jalapenos and some other stuff and HARD to master. We have tried! Now we just purchase the bottles.

Now, I make fry sauce when we get Harmons fried chicken and potato wedges. They have the best fried chicken compared to KFC but nothing can compare to KFCs mashed potatoes and gravy <3 .

Am I making you hungry yet? 😉 lol