Quick Cash?

Im sure you have seen those articles on google when you have searched for ways to come up to pay a bill or start a business. Well, I have done most of those things on this list lol!

Sell Stuff you have around the house Online on ebay, craigslist etc… This was kind of actually New to me. I have sold a little bit on eBay several years back to see how it works and such but more recently I have sold to make ends meet. I honestly dont think I like ebay unless its to BUY. So, Im going to check out other sites to see whats available to sell. I have sold old biz items such as cookie lee jewelry, beach body workouts, odds and ends like books, cigar sample packs, etc…

Donate Plasma I did this several years ago with my aunt, it took forever…but they give you snacks and such when you are done. I only did it only the one time.

Research Studies this will be my second one. A few years ago I did one for strep throat, they asked me to be part of the study when I came in and was diagnosed at the doctors office. I earned $300. I am doing my second research study tomorrow, well going in for a screening regarding healthy people for vaccinations. Pay is around $600.

Pawn Stuff I pawned my first item last year, it was a used $200 IPod Touch that I got from my sister, I got $50 for it.

Make Money Online I have done this for several years – offer sites, HYIPs, surveys, online programs etc…

Housekeeping/House/Pet Sitting I currently do this.

Temp work I have done, will most likely do it again and of course part-time work as well.

I would like to learn how to make crafts to sell on Etsy.com but then that goes back to how I despise to ship products :p I initially wanted to make Mag Bags (because I love magazines and Im a bag whore) but I never got around to it and it looked like too much work was involved. I have considered making my own jewelry though. Another thing with crafts is I have no patience and Im rough with my work. I just want to get it done and be over with it. Which is funny because I currently sell AVON and have to deliver to my customers every couple of weeks. same difference.

Donate Sperm Isnt an option :p and nobody wants my eggs because I am over 28 years old (FYI 31). I would be a surrogate but that wouldnt sit well with my family.

Return Past Purchases Yes have, but purposely returned to wally world.

Start Your Own Part-Time Business From Home HA! thats a given —> DirtPoorNoMore.com