I LOVE Sales Jobs!




Kirby-vacuum-cleaners-are-not-a-bad-businessI know  a lot of people do not like sales jobs nor door to door solicitation but being in the industry I am in – Direct Sales and MLM. I find those jobs fascinating so Im going to share my experiences with yall today.

First, when I was a teen I remember watching my first Kirby vacuum presentation and the whole presentation left me in awe of how great the vacuum worked and then i was impressed with his experience with selling them. Later down the road my bro sold them as well.

My next is with Advanage Cleaner, I have had them solicit to my house a few times, finally one of the last times I bought a bottle. I thought it was interesting how the door to door man said that they travel across the USA selling the cleaner and it gets young kids off the street and working. I thought that was great.  Being in sales, I purchased a bottle because I feel like I can relate. The same with the newspaper guy outside of walmart. I could relate so I purchased a subscription.

Vector Marketing aka Cutco I dont have much experience with but still find fascinating. I actually have a demo appointment setup with a friend online to watch the presentation.

I have also looked into Primerica, AFLAC, World Financial Group and Morgan Stanley to get into financing. But never have gone all the way.

Being in sales, you truly have to have thick skin but the rewards are great because of  the pay & bonuses and the new people you meet. 🙂

P.S. I almost forgot well known Restaurant.com has Independent Consultant sales jobs for people who are interested. I thought that was great as well.