Food Stamp Queen Facebook Post Went Viral!

foodstamp queen
foodstamp queen
WOW I have no words! All I can think about are the children in third world countries going hungry and starving! That are skin and bones and very unhappy. 🙁

She is a stay at home mom, married with 3 kids and lives in Oklahoma. She left two different jobs in 2010-2011. I am no one to judge but I know I sure as hell wouldnt be complaining! I am a single mom with one child. WOW just WOW.

Whats even more funny is the fact that her friend who gets half that is complaining also lol! It shows she last updated on October 16th 2013 or that is her last public post? The post is so viral its bound to hit the news soon. I am just waiting.

She could be lying about her income and selling her food stamps. Which normally sells for 50 cents on a 1 cash dollar. No one needs that much food! They are eating like Kings and Queens! I just imagine a buffet of food at a round table with Gold everywhere and wearing royal clothing and crowns lol! Or picturing Henry the 8th.

Personally, I would be so embarrassed about posting that on Facebook. Can you imagine what people would think about you? SMH. It really shows what kind of character you have or what not. She makes herself sound like an ungrateful bitch that mooches off the government! Whats worse is she cannot spell. she said “government assistants” vs the actual words “government assistance”. SMH.

Oh and she is complaining about Obama, Obama has nothing to do with her circumstance! You control that, NOT OBAMA or anyone else! Yeah he is the prez but he aint your babysitter lol!

People would be grateful for half or even a quarter of what she gets and why would she need so much for a husband and 3 kids??? WAY TOO DAMN MUCH! I spend maybe between $50-$70 a week on food for my daughter and myself, sometimes even less than $50 if I have a meal plan figured for the week.

People who do not get food stamps are making bank off COUPONS! Stockpiling! They annoy me sometimes because when I want something at the grocery store its all gone because of some stupid coupon. I dont coupon, I have tried and may attempt again in the future. Not Extreme Couponing neither just regular couponing.

Plus you gotta think, there is a FOOD BANK or Food Pantry too. The food bank is very generous. I have went to them one time in my life and it helped me A LOT. They give you enough food to last a month, I have wanted to volunteer with my daughter but they also but they always have enough volunteers.

I keep checking her timeline and she is almost at 10,000 shares. I wonder if she had checked it out or logged into her Facebook since that day?

I wonder if she will be investigated by the state after this hits the news.

Stay tuned 😉