Healthy and Wealthy 2014

1stjuice  Well to start off, I decided to start juicing this year and joined a friend’s Facebook group called “Juicing with Tyo” (linked with photo) . Trying to get into the habit of juicing everyday. I am also trying to switch to all organic and natural and escape the GMOs that the govt is trying to kill us with. But that is going to take some time.

I will also be getting back into the routine of working out again at the gym or even at home doing Beach Body’s Chalene Johnson Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift and Rev Abs and playing basketball at the gym as well and possibly Zumba and Cycling as well.

This year I plan on taking my Personal Development, Marketing and Business to a whole new level and UPGRADE My Lifestyle. Aside from branding myself as Jackie Rose and JRB Enterprises and this Blog I will be focusing on ebay/DS Domination and my Primary Business is going to be (for the 4th time) Empower Network (I know it was a surprise to myself as well). As well as TRAINN and Live Drive (not pictured).

Aside from what I am doing there are a few prelaunches I am interested in. idk if I will move forward with them but they are intriguing…the first one is Quanta, I havent watched the videos on it yet but I describe it as a Empower Network knock off, the second is Brain Abundance, I dont really care about the comp plan but I am seriously interested in the product then theres Giant Cinema, which is basically like Netflix and you make money from it with unlimited TV shows and movies. So Im going to watch the info on these as soon as I take a moment to do so.

Now that I have covered the business aspect of what I am going to do, let me now cover Personal Development & Marketing. So far, I am using my Facebook Poster to post in all the ad groups and it seems that Empower Network not only covers Personal Development but Marketing as well. I know in order to really change my lifestyle I am really going to have to dig deep and change my mindset, although its half way there Im still not there yet.

Anyway with all the training and development this next year I plan on having a great year 2014! 😀