My 2013 Year in Review

Well, at the very beginning of the 2013, our family dog Tally passed away. Two weeks before she passed I carried her back legs so she could use the bathroom, fed her and made she laid down comfortably. I felt the most close to her during that time. A day or so before she passed I made popcorn for Liz and we shared with Tally and she loved every bit of it. Tally loved to eat, she was a big fat pig at one time and tried to eat EVERYTHING in the house lol! Liz also gave her her Hannah Montana Doll to sleep with her. I think she made it past New Years 2013 and then passed soon after that. 🙁 We love and miss Tally. <3

At the beginning of the new year I decided since I was tired of my natural hair color, that I would dye my hair black because I had only done that color once and it was while I was in elementary school – short story: my mom friend gave me a makeover and dyed my hair black and gave me nails and then I went to school the following day and was called a witch and I think that is why it took me so long to dye it black again and also for the fact that I always wanted lighter colors than my hair (mostly have dyed it red my whole life and bleached it blonde once), the first time I dyed it black, it didnt work so I had to do it again before it worked. It has made me look slimmer and worked through the whole year.

Then for my daughter and my (husband) C, I wrote a letter and sent a bunch of pictures to him of our 10yo daughter to Mexico and he responded as quickly as he could. But because of the International Shipping it took awhile before we received his letters and pictures(maybe about 1 month) …I think this was in March or April of 2013. Background: I came back to USA when Liz was 2 months old because I missed my family. Our daughter Liz was born there and we were married here in Utah. I havent spoken to him since 2003 and we started talking this year. He plans to visit as soon as he can and we both still love each other as well. Now Liz and myself communicate with him on Facebook regularly.

Finally June of 2013, I got my own room, or space again. See before my parents became truck drivers, we had rented the basement (2 bd 1 bath) when I was still working full time outside the house, then we moved upstairs to the living room, then eventually we shared another room upstairs and then finally I got my own space again (but not for long) my daughter loves spending time with me, which I sorta of dont have a problem with it…but I do miss my personal space too. Anyway I love it, its decorated HOW I want it with all my art and knick knacks etc…

Liz and I took our annual staycation, but instead of Holiday Inn Express like we normally stay we decided to stay at the Hampton Inn, same cookie cutter type place, free breakfast in the am but this time we were unable to bring Sheesha because Tally had passed away and Coco and her are close. Liz and I didnt really like Hampton Inn too much. This coming year (2014) we may stay at The Embassy or go back to staying at the Holiday Inn Express. This time my sis came and visited us too, it was interesting.

It was a big year for Elizabeth too – 1st meeting her dad (via mail & online) for the first time since she was 2 months old, she changed schools from a public school to a private Christian school (received a scholarship to go) and she turned 10. idk when turned 10 years old it was a lot for me. Time just flew by…and now she is in the double digits. I still cant believe it sometimes. Also Liz is upset that they had the series finale of Shake It Up and still upset by it. (Cancelled in November 2013).

I finally after my loyalty to Blackberry changed over and upgraded to a better phone. A HTC One 32GB and I love it. I feel so bad for doing so, but Blackberry could not longer keep up with the upgrades and competition of Android and ick Apple. I later heard that Blackberry had to lay off more than half their employees. But it needed to be done. Now I can play Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, use InstaGram and other apps I havent been able to use before.

Finally after not going on a vacation for two long years, we finally took a family vacation Rocky Point Mexico and we had an awesome time! We stayed in a high rise hotel with with the pool and beach side. It was the best week ever! Plus Liz and I for the first time saw The Life of PI. We collected seashells and sand to take home with us as well. We also met our grandparents down there and had birthday dinner for my Oma and Mom. Since we went on vacation in Sept.

For Halloween Liz and I decided to be dark (as Liz wanted) so we decided to go as witches. It was different, we have never went as witches before and I think next year we are going as pirates. Liz also got plenty of candy and I left the dish out for the kids so I can take Liz trick or treating.

Splat, one of our cats, went missing on November 8th 2013. Our whole family misses her so much. Liz used to grab her chicken (ass) and say “Splat you got the chicken to pay the bills!!!) because she was a big kitty. She used to love to come in the room at night while I was working on the my laptop and jump on my chest and purr and lay there. I miss that. I have so many pictures of her doing that <3 especially on InstaGram. We put out flyers, checked the shelters everything.

My parents dont come home every week anymore while trucking over the road. So, this last time they came home it was at the end of November and we celebrated New Chris Giving with them. Which is New Years with Bolle, Thanksgiving  we had ordered a turkey dinner from Harmons Grocery and we did Xmas. We did it all in one day on November 24th and really fun. For Xmas I received a beautiful cherry wood jewelry box (which I use for everything as well as jewelry), a new robe & slippers, pink sweater, money, gift cards, leggings and sports bras. I think I made out well. 😀

Merry Xmas today! I decided to wake Liz up at 9am so she can open her presents, she got more presents from her santa and her uncle prior to Xmas. She got what she wanted which was doll clothes, bath & body set, bracelet making set, cash & gift cards. On New Chris Giving she also got a robe, slippers, skateboard & helmet, good headphones for her laptop and some other stuff…

New Years Eve – Liz and I got party hats, she had popcorn and I had cheese & crackers, and I got a bottle of champagne like I do every year to bring it in! Just Liz and me again, which is fine. Got my stuff finalized for next year. 1.5 hours till the new year then going to make coffee, take my sleep meds and then go to bed! Shared our popcorn & cheese/ham/crackers with our furbabies. I normally get Pink Champagne but this year decided to get something a little different, still pink colored but called basically Raspberry Italian Champagne and Liz loves it!

I know in 2014 I will go out with a BANG! BOOM! HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHES!!!