Nurse Jackie?

nursejackie I touched on this last year after I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis surgery. I had been thinking about it again  become a CNA or even a RN. First what made me change my mind is when I was in the hospital having my surgery and was there for a few days. I was sort of in awe of the CNAs and RNs and thought they knew their patients more than the doctors.

Nurse Jackie Series: I have seen a few episodes, LOVE the show and it does sort of glamorizing being an RN but watching the CNAs and RNs live and in action helping me out and others is what really touched me. I also plan on watching all seasons of Nurse Jackie on Amazon Instant Video though too :p

In a million years I never thought I would want to be a nurse or CNA. I just thought that kind of job was just too petty for me (I know it sounds bad) at the time I was working as a Customer Service agent the last 8+ years of my life (highly skilled and paid in that field I might add) and I absolutely was annoyed and hated it. I knew it was what I DID NOT want to do forever.

I never did go to CNA classes last year (which take between 2-6 weeks) but I did get a career change and was finally able to work from home FULL time as an Entrepreneur as of March of 2012.

I LOVE being an Entrepreneur and KNOW that was my calling and I still get excited when I get sales but I still want to get skilled other than Customer Service, Marketing, Business, etc…I want to work with people and on my feet. What I LOVE about being an Entrepreneur is Freedom, free to do whatever I want, when I want, how I want, where I want, etc…and right now I get to make up the time I worked during those first 8 years of my daughter’s life that I worked full time outside of the house in a traditional job and as a customer service rep.

Another skill or trade I was considering on the side is internal and external computer repair. Im on my pc laptop so much and have gone through a few with different issues and trouble shooted on how to fix them that I think that would a perfect compliment to being an Entrepreneur.

Aside from being a RN/CNA (and IDGAF if being a CNA is a shit job) but I would LOVE to be a Waitress again,  I thought that was the most fun job ever! Every time when I go to IHOP or another restaurant with a server Im a little jealous of what they get to do. I was a busser and a waitress and pretty damn good at it too! After that I wouldnt mind doing Janitor work as another job I might enjoy.

At the time my personal situation reminded me of the movie Office Space. He worked in an office and hated it but at the end of the movie he left the job and ended up working in construction and I soooo understood how he felt and Im sure I aint the only one who felt that way neither.

Its funny my bro wished he could have had some sort of job like I had but at the same time knows he couldnt do that crap (paperwork, customer service etc) and I would LOVE to do something like what he does (hes a welder) or I would even be interested in something that my parents do (over the road truck drivers) or what my daddy does (skilled auto mechanic) anything but what I used to do.

I think GOD instilled in us the desire to work, to feel accomplished and not only the desire to work but to be satisfied with our work. I think that is important part of being happy is loving what you do and working at it.

I still will get my CNA Certificate and Training, I just dont know when. I wont be working a real job anytime soon. But I do see that CNAs can work in old folks home etc and I like that. It doesnt have to be only hospitals, there is plenty of places for a CNA. But I did add it to my Vision Board with that image on the top right, after all my name is Jackie and I want to become a CNA/Nurse. 😉


Update: 1/20/2016 – In February 2014 I actually became a candystriper (hospital volunteer) and in April 2014 I took the Certified Nurse Assistant Course I just did not take the test to get Certified, I also did home care for two elderly people. Contemplating going to school to be a Medical Assistant or RN in AZ. 

I also just barely did a review on the nurse jackie series.