The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

This video couldnt have came at a more perfect time, I was going to blog on the topic of “Dumpster Diving” and this just shows you WHY it is good to do so as well as keeping our planet green with recycling and reusing.

When I was a kid and even in my teens my mom would take us dumpster diving behind VONs or Smiths in Las Vegas NV. I know it sounds gross, but you would be amazed at what you could find. The last time we ever went dumpster diving was in Park City Utah after church. Park City is known for its hoity toity community so of course you know then that people threw away great stuff. I cant remember exactly all that we found in the garbage.

Speaking of reusing, every time I go to Olive Garden and my 10 year old daughter gets the Kids cup, I take it home and reuse it to put other drinks in it such as fruit punch, iced tea, chocolate milk, etc. It works great, just clean the lid and cup and get a straw. It also prevents spillage too. Even their dessert to go cups work great too. I like to clean them and then reuse them for the cats to eat or drink out of. Famous Daves also has a kids refillable cup and lid that I would take home as well to reuse.

As far as recycling goes, we have a recyclable garbage bin that goes out with the regular garbage every week, which I wish they would make BIGGER than the garbage bin because there is more recyclable material that people throw out than non-recyclable. There are actually 3 bins that get picked up. Regular trash – Black Garbage Can, Recycled Trash – Blue Trash Can and then Green such as weeds, grass and tree branches a Green Trash Can.