myEcon Review

myEcon Review

myecon review
myecon review

IDK if I mentioned this in my previous updates, but 2013 business wise, I SUCKED. Seriously, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my Primary, I was going back to old businesses, promoting things that dont have any residual, just lost basically.

I did AVON, Freebies, Empower Network, thought maybe I needed to get back into personal self-improvement development and joined Internet Lifestyle Network, more subliminal messages, law of attraction audios and videos. Frustrated and annoyed with feeling that way.

Now being in this industry (network marketing) I get pitched on a daily business on facebook since 80% of my friends are basically mutual business acquaintances and partners in one form or another. Im used to being pitched in my facebook inbox and it doesnt bug me as much as it used to and some people I dont mind over others. Plus, Im always curious as is to what is out there.

Anyway my friend told me about myEcon. I was like okay, I will check it out. IDK but Im the type of person that likes to go by my feelings, my gut and I felt like I found the business I can REALLY MOVE FORWARD with and BUILD! It has everything I could want. Weekly Pay, Bonuses and RESIDUAL Income!

Here is my YouTube video on myEcon:

Here is the YouTube Video Presentation for myEcon:


Update: Officially back with myEcon as of June 17th 2016. I was on a hiatus from the biz world for a couple of years and finally figured out myEcon is where I feel I belong.

I will also be doing a follow up post for tomorrow regarding my decision to be back with myEcon. It was really a thoughtful choice on my part because I have been out of the loop of everything and in limbo for awhile in life in general.

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