Pamela Anderson New Look!

pamela anderson new look
pamela anderson new look

idk when i was a little girl, i LOVED to play with Barbie dolls. i loved to dress them up and turn them into queens lol, yes there would be one main doll and she would be president basically of the whole show. i love how glamorous barbies were with their blond hair, makeup and stylish clothes. so, as i got older and in the early 90s, i paid attention to women like madonna, anna nicole smith, britney spears, pamela anderson and jenny mccarthy (to name a few) because dammit i wanted to be like them.

i had blonde hair a few years back, in 2009, i dressed up like marilyn monroe for my birthday. i loved it, but the maintenance was a bitch and i aint a fan of wearing makeup all the time. i am going to do dark blonde, last year i did black for the whole year. now im seriously tired of it and i need something different.

anyway back to my story :p lol i was shocked and pleased when pamela anderson got a pixie cut, i think it shows how much she has matured and she is still beautiful no matter how her hair is. for a long time she had the long blond hair look, especially since she did baywatch and other movies & shows, that was her signature look though. i think i saw she dyed her hair dark too recently.

when i was a high school senior i got a short hair cut like that, with my slim figure and face it looked good, now that i have gained some weight though i dont think it looks that good with short hair like that unless i lose some weight again.

i love the fact that pamela anderson aint just another bimbo, she is actually a animal rights advocate for PETA and other organizations, she believes so strongly in it and she is a vegan. i thought about going vegan, i get so upset when i see the horrible things that are being done to ALL animals. 🙁 still deciding. its a really big lifestyle change to think about.

Pictured below is me with blonde hair and me with short hair: