Toothache from Hell…Maybe too much ibuprofen 800?

toothachereliefYes, another toothache from hell. I need two more extractions done. I refuse to do all of that fancy nonsense shit for my teeth. If I had a choice they would all be gone and I would be wearing veneers or something.

My problem is though I have been taking close to 3200 MGs of Ibuprofen a day and then some Tyenol PM before I go to sleep at night (which is what I normally do to help me sleep). I know that Ibuprofen is bad for the stomach lining and all but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I honestly dont have the best teeth, I have cavities and its all my fault.

I dont even know where I was going to go with this post lol! Im just so tired of the pain. Waiting to get more sales so I can go get the extraction done. I do not really have insurance right now but Brush Dental has awesome deals especially for extractions. Oh yeah, I know Im supposed to get Obamacare or whatever but it will happen when it happens. Its all fucked up right now anyway. I dont like being told what to do, not everyone can have insurance and it costs too fucking much anyway. Some direct sales and network marketing companies do offer it though so that they can get their reps full time working with the company but not all offer it. I sold AmeriPlan a few years back, even they were expensive. MCA  is good, although they only offer discounts on Dental I believe.

I went to the docs in November 2013 for a full checkup. The only problems I had were high cholesterol and cysts in my breasts. I was kind of worried at first about the cysts for breast cancer, but cysts dont really have anything to do with breast cancer I learned. They are just slightly painful, not even really painful. Anyway the high cholesterol I can fix with diet & exercise. Which I plan on doing.

Just recently I saw an animal cruelty post on angora rabbits on my facebook feed, I didnt want to watch the graphic video, it would have been too much for me, but I cried. These poor rabbits fur is being ripped off of them (not even shaved off or given pain meds) and they have a blood curdling scream and then thrown back into their cages and done every few months till they kill them off in some country.  All for fashion company Ralph Lauren. It upset me so much, Im considering and still deeply thinking about becoming a Vegan. I have never used Ralph Lauren nor never will.

After that, I saw the info came from PETA. Which some people think of PETA as extreme, but someone needs to be passionate for the animals and they are and I feel like I am. I mean I already feel like there is no food to eat really in the world. They kill these chickens, cows, pigs, then genetically modify them before they package them up to sell to us consumers! So not only are they torturing these animals for testing & just because but on the end of the spectrum they are trying to slowly kill us off too. Fucking hilarious aint it???

Anyway PETA has starter information on becoming a Vegan, which I think I could do. Plus there is a 30 day pledge to being a Vegan. Im already juicing, so I think I could do this too. As much as I love milk, there are alternatives out there to cow milk. There are alternatives out there to meat also. I once made tofu tacos once and they were pretty good. I think if I set my mind to it I could really do it. Its all a matter of making a decision at this point. I aint going to force this on my daughter but after seeing these pictures and videos of these poor animals I just cant take it anymore. PETA says the day you become a Vegan or something more than 100 animals lives are saved.

I run my own cat page on facebook called Baby’s Cat World, I consider myself an advocate for animals. If WE dont stand up for their rights, then who will? People like to forget that animals have FEELINGS too. :'(  Right now and previously I have donated to  ASPCA before as well as other organizations to help animals. I remember years ago watching the torturing of the chickens that they use for KFC, I think PETA stepped in and fixed it. People are fucking sick and cruel. I hate it. I hate this world more than anything!

Its crazy you cant eat any meat/dairy/eggs because not only of the animal cruelty that goes on but also because of the GMOs to try to kill us and kill us SLOWLY too. I think the transition wont be very hard…its a matter of changing my mind from being programmed to eat this kind of food my whole life. I plan on owning my own farm with naturally grass fed animals, farm animals, treating them like my babies pigs, cows, chickens, horses etc and spoiling them. I may milk my cow and eat some chicken eggs but they will be treated with lots of care and love.

I really wish I could save all the innocent animals, children and people in the world from the evil out there. I just pray to GOD the world will soon end, I try to avoid the news because I cant take it anymore.

I know my post went off from the original topic, but these are some things I had planned on discussing anyway at some point. I hope I entertained and somewhat educated you, more later 😉