February 2014 Update

nurse jackie

nurse jackie

I’m not middle age but the last couple of weeks or maybe even the last few weeks, I have went through what I consider my own version of a “mid-life crisis”.

Sounds silly I know but I went into deep, deep thought, because I am 31, single mom with a 10 year old daughter and still have not reached the level of success I had expected of myself to be at this age. I work at home, which is wonderful and I got EXACTLY what I wanted but still feel like there is something else missing. I have felt no inspiration or motivation to pursue my multiple streams of income.

I also still really felt like I wanted to pursue my goal of getting skilled and possibly careered in the field of Nursing since I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis removal in February of 2012. Still feeling this way after two years, I figure means something right?

More specifically though, to begin, I would like to become a CNA and work with the elderly in a hospice (or in their own homes) or work with people with disabilities in a group home and possibly down the line become an RN but I still like and prefer the idea of working in a hospice or a group home. Hospitals feel cold to me.

nurse jackie

nurse jackie

Like stated in my Nursing Blog my ideal would be to work a couple of days a week while my daughter is in school, the problem is though I need a flexible enough schedule for my daughters vacation breaks, holidays and sick days because I promised her no more daycares ever when I first began working from home and I completely understand where she is coming from. Since she was 2 years old she has been put into daycare when I worked full time. From friends, Licensed home daycare to actually daycare companies for before and after school pickup. The idea of her going to daycare again freaks her out.

So basically, as of right now, I will be going to volunteer at the hospital, take my CNA classes and get a side job working in the caregiving field with a very flexible schedule and registered at Care.com and SitterCity.com for side work and checking Craigslist daily. Now dont get me wrong I am still an Entrepreneur I just need something additional in my life and I am really excited about going to CNA classes for a couple of weeks.

nurse barbie

nurse barbie

(I cant rotate this stupid picture for some reason) Anyway, also during this time, maybe the last couple of weeks, Liz and I have been seriously bonding over Barbie, not really the NOW Barbie but the Vintage 90s Barbie. We have been finding dolls from the 90s and adding them to our amazon wish list. Liz just recently ordered a few from her wish list from her cash from her allowance and other monies she has earned. Our favorite doll is (and mine as a kid) is Sparkle Eyes Barbie (pictured above on the right). I have them both dressed in nurse outfits. One we got as an outfit in the toy department at walmart and the other I ordered from an handmade barbie doll clothes website called Jan’s Doll Boutique.

See I play Barbies with Liz sometimes. I dont like to play that much but I love Barbie and to dress her up and such. Favorite past time. So now we are both excited about getting new dolls and clothes for the barbies. πŸ˜€



We are also gearing up to move to Arizona next year. Im so excited! I WELCOME THE CHANGE! So now we are trying to buy less things and get rid of a lot of stuff before we move to sell, donate and throw away. I will still be working from home as a housekeeper and pet sitter just in another state πŸ˜€ since my parents will still be working as team truck drivers and need me to do so as well as run errands for them.

Also annoyed about Valentines Day coming up but that will be V-Days post on Friday, February 14th. So I will keep hush hush till then. πŸ˜‰


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  1. HoustonChica says:

    Congrats on your Β new journey of becoming a Nurse Tech.

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