Movie Review: Disneys Frozen (Spoilers)

disneys frozen
disneys frozen
So last Friday, I decided to take my daughter to the movies since we havent went in awhile and she was facing some of her first tween friend drama. We decided to go and see Disneys Frozen. (Disneys Frozen info by Wikipedia).

Honestly, I just thought it was going to be just another Disney movie, not expecting much from it but boy was I surprised!

I thought it was sad how Queen Elsa had to distance herself from her sister Anna because of her fear of hurting her, even though they were really close when they were little. When everything went down at Elsa Coronation as Queen (since their parents were missing at sea) and her ice powers caused it to snow in the Summer because she was upset with her sister about the confrontation of her getting married after Anna just met the dude.

So yeah during the coronation Anna falls for this “Prince” who actually turns out to be the villain and after her kingdom to become King since hes 13 in line in his own kingdown smh. That was irritating. I really thought she was going to marry the prince and her sister was going to marry the other dude. The other dude is great and I thought was perfect for Queen Elsa, he sells ice, he has a pet deer (which I love and reminded me of a big dog who loves carrots) and has been a loner most of his life, but unexpectedly as the Prince (Annas fiance turning out to be the villain) actually ended up being in love with Anna and I guess Queen Elsa, the Ice Queen ends up with no one? I didnt really like that.

I really loved Olaf the snowman Queen Elsa created during her transformation lol! He was hilarious and couldnt wait to see “Summer” and all I kept thinking was he was a snowman. Another thing, all the snow and ice made me think of Utah and I cant wait to move to Arizona! After living 16 years of my life in snow, 14 years before that in Las Vegas Nevada desert, I am ready for a BIG change.

I loved Annas line while trying to find her sister on the north mountain shivering “How come your magic power couldnt be a tropical power, not a freezing ice power” lol!

I was trying to figure out which princess was my favorite, but I actually really like them both A LOT! Princess Anna was crazy and full of energy yet Queen Elsa was calm and mature. I loved though how she became after she left her kingdom and created her own ice castle, she seemed more free and less reserved. Anyway Anna follows her sister to her ice castle on the north mountain and is struck again by her sister (on accident – although Queen Elsa is *almost* a villain herself) anyway so the dude and Anna go to the trolls because she is getting frozen more and more and because her sister turned her heart to ice and they told her sorry we cannot fix her, only an “act of true love” so they take her back to the Prince and the dude leaves her and then you discover hes the villain and leaves Anna to die.

In the end Anna actually comes to rescue her sister Elsa in her state of being weak and turning into ice and protects her sister against the death from the prince and turns into ice. Queen Elsa upset of what she did to her sister, cries on her and then Anna slowly comes back to life because of the act of true love from her sister! I loved that! It was a surprise, just like the Prince who was a villain and it was great. Shows a Prince doesnt always need to save a Princess, just as long as its real love from a friend, family member etc…I thought it was a great message compared to previous Disney messages with other Disney Princesses. Then Queen Elsa figures out how to turn it back into Summer “with act of True Love” and they arrest the bad prince, Anna and the dude fall in love and live happily ever after. Which was a modern yet still enchanting movie after all. 🙂

Kind of reminded me of Disneys Tangled as well. More though the Prince & Princess saved each other and Princess knew how to defend herself in Tangled.

I also really liked the Disney theme song to the movie Let it Go. There were two versions, the one sung in the movie by Idina Menzel was my favorite vs the soundtrack version by Demi Levato. Although they are correct Demi was appropriate for the song because of her own personal struggles but I still prefer the other version better, the one that was played in the movie Frozen.

Overall loved the movie 🙂 I loved it so much I made the picture the wallpaper on my HTC One phone. 🙂