Valentines Day for Singles – My Thoughts on Love and Shit

valentines day for singles
valentines day for singles
I HONESTLY hate this time of year, I know its just one day but I always try to ease the burn a little. I buy myself a $3 stuffed animal every year for Valentines Day, my daughter will sometimes make me something too. But I think V Day is annoying as fuck! IF you are single.

Now, I am a happy independent single work at home mom, Valentines Day likes to rub it in my face that I am single and not worthy because I am single and by CHOICE.

Some tips to survive the holiday:
1) Treat yourself to whatever you want! Whether be a massage, movie etc…
2) Hangout with other single friends that day
3) Give something to family and friends who you cherish

I have been single for almost 5 years, so one year for kicks I created a fake facebook profile of my doll I got from my friend at work called Mr. Wonderful and named him Mike Wonderfulle and pretended for like a week it was my real boyfriend lol, even used a fake model photo that seemed realistic enough too that it actually confused my daughter lol! So I had to explain what it was all about.

I have read online that there is an actual community of men married to real dolls and treat them like they are in an actual relationship with these life like figure. I have also seen though that women do the same and that some have more so though that they have life like babies that they take care as well. Its pretty interesting, idk if I would ever go that far though. Im trying to remember the name of that community, not just a doll fetish though. I googled and couldnt remember what I found before, oh well.

Really though, not really any men get my attention. Im very picky. Even people I meet online Im like MEH. Right now I aint focused on LOVE, but my career and becoming a CNA. Im so excited to go to class in March!!! 😀 Thinking about it, my ideal is (once Liz is all grown up) is working in a hospice and going to nursing school to become an RN. Right now though for me it would be fitting is getting my CNA certification and CPR/First Aid and doing in home care for an elder part time and flexibility that I can bring my daughter along and volunteering at the hospital while my daughter is in school.

Anyway back to V-Day. My daughter gave me a couple of sweet cards and my ex gave me a vday pic online. It was sweet, Im good and the day is about over. Now time for my nap. 😉