Happy International Womens Day 2014!

happy international womens day 2014
happy international womens day 2014
Rosie the Riveter Last time I blogged about IWD was in 2012 and I talked about how awesome we are since we give birth, breast feed, have menstrual cycles etc.

But there is more to women then our bodies or wearing makeup. We work and we work HARD. We can for the most part do the same work as a man. My stepsis a good ass painter and can get into places painting most men cant because shes a woman and she is more smaller than your typical man. Women can also be welders (think Flash Dance), work in construction and do maintenance.

Unfortunately my main career was a “office” type job doing call center customer service phone work. I am also an entrepreneur but now I am pursuing a career as a CNA. Which is more physical demanding then the other two careers I have done. When I was in Job Corps I did Business Technologies (office admin stuff) but I wanted to obtain a second skill such as maintenance and stay another year but I needed to go home to my baby Elizabeth. She was totally worth it to not get that additional skill. I graduated in 10 months.

I have also been interesting in joining the Army and becoming a Police Officer. Maybe when I am older or not at all. I know my true calling is becoming a CNA now. So that is what I am striving for. 🙂

Happy International Womens Day! 😀