Movie Review: The Lego Movie (spoilers)

movie review the lego movie
movie review the lego movie
We went and saw The Muppets Most Wanted and I came home and realized I never did a movie review on The Lego Movie so Im hoping I hit and remember all the points I wanted to cover.

The movie is about your average Joe, (literally your very average), a construction worker named Emmet who tried to better himself everyday (by reading a book of life instructions of sorts) so he could win friends since his only friend was his plant. Emmet agreed with everyone and everything but when it came down to it everybody thought he was invisible or a joke.

I thought it was interesting how the movie basically described society as a whole. We are like sheep to follow the latest pop music, books, movies, trends etc…

Then Wild Style comes into the picture telling him he is the one to save the world from being ruined by Kragle (which is superglue) from Lord Business. He doesnt believe he is a Master Builder, because well he doesnt know how to build random things out of blocks and legos. Then as the Vitruvius towards the end says there was no prophesy, it was a lie, the people fear the end and to be super glued. Lord Business wants to stop the master builders from building whatever they want and use Kragle to stop it.

But then somehow he shows that just being his average self does make him special he is able to save the world. Side note: since this is a child playing with legos in his dads large lego buildings and such of the city, his dad gets upset and then realizes that maybe he should be playing legos with his son and that they can build together and let them build that they end up spending time together in the process.

Personal Note: I am not very satisfied with my review and will need to watch it a second time to give you a more accurate opinion and edit this one with it later.