3.2 Magnitude Utah Earthquake in SLC!

utah earthquake
utah earthquake

Officials report earthquake that was felt in Salt Lake Valley

4.9 magnitude earthquake hits northern Utah

It was around 9:10pm, my daughter Liz and I were watching “Surviving Christmas” starring Christina Applegate and Ben Affleck Amazon Instant Video on my Dell laptop, we usually watch a couple of movies on Saturday and my daughter is a huge fan of Christina Applegate since she started watching Married with Children.

All of the sudden you can feel the ground shake, I was confused initially and my first thought was it was the cats running up and down the hallway, especially my daughters Kitten because she likes to run around the house late at night. The first thing I did was just on Facebook to see if there was any trending news about it and if any of my local friends in Utah felt the earth move as well. Thankfully I wasnt crazy and something came up on my feed from a citzen of Utah and our neighborhood news station for Fox 13 was posting about all the calls they had received regarding the earthquake.

The time of the Earthquake occurred according to the website:

LOCATION: 8.9 km (5.6 mi) NE of Tooele, UT (ID 60065467)
DATE: Apr 19 2014
TIME: 21:22:51 MDT

But according to when it happened around MY time was 21:12 so they had recorded it according to what they have. :p

I realized that YESTERDAY there was an earthquake in Mexico Magnitude 7.5 and now all I think of is the Bible Scripture Luke 21:11. In 2001-2003 when I lived in Mexico I experienced my first earthquake and I know Utah has had some back in the 1920s or so and the most recent one besides todays was 18 years ago and in the 1920s.

Anyway, its just too bizarre to me. I mean its to be EXPECTED but for it to happen in front of your eyes is a whole other ballgame. this is serious business and shit you dont mess around with. Alot of people are going to brush it off, we as a societ ignore too much as “nothing” until something serious happens. The signs are there and have been for quite sometime. I have never been one to ignore truth, as much as I hate it and fear it I make myself try to face it. It aint easy, well this shit aint easy neither. I just cant live in ignorance.

Another strange thing happened. Sometimes I wake up around 3am with some really deep thoughts and this morning at around that time I woke up thinking about the Mark of the Beast, OMG I just had to know because we are getting close to the RFID chip situation. So the first website that popped googling from my Android phone was http://www.markbeast.com/ and read and read and read. Really ironic thing too is I got spammed by one of my friends facebook accounts (he was hacked) so I went to his page about that and saw he also had posted about the Mark of the Beast. Its all getting kinda crazy dont you think?

Im honestly scared as shit and I just pray for guidance as often as I remember to. idk in the back of the my mind I was just kinda of hoping this stuff wouldnt happen in my lifetime but not that I would wish it in my children, grandchildrens or great grandchildrens neither though. But at the same time I wish it would end and soon when I see horrible news stories on my feed about innocent lives being hurt and its only going to get worse.

Since my understanding of Adam and Eve, I feel like we have been living with a curse and I would finally like to see it come to an end. Ultimately it really just boils down to Good vs Evil if you look at the big picture of things. I may sound crazy to you but there is a hell of a lot to learn and that is going to happen that will change your thinking completely. But since its such a complex subject Im not ready to dig deep and voice my opinion on what is really going on yet although it is progress. I guess you can call me a Conspiracy Theorist. :p

As for the earthquake Im going to keep one eye open even wider with whats going on in the world today.