Selfie Nation Obsessed and GUILTY

selfie nation
selfie nation

To the left is my own favorite personal “selfie” on Instagram.

The “Selfie” phenom has gone quite crazy and worth blogging about since people have been taking selfies at funerals, with people on the brink of suicide, while driving and some other strange places. I know the public was outraged and appalled but that is the society we live in and honestly idk I think as bad as it sounds I would have done it myself and but not proud of it.

According to the definition for a “Selfie” is
[sel-fee] Show IPA
noun Informal.
a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website: selfies posted by teens on Twitter.
2005–10; self+ -ie” and was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013 as word of the year.

Selfies has taken a life on its own with the help of Instagram, other social media and celebrities and front facing cell phones.

Admittingly I LOVE taking selfies :p because its fun and I have taken some in weird places such as sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, with mannequins, in my car etc…I like taking them in unusual ways.

The recent developments of selfies have been “photo bombing” and “food porn” I dont do as much photo bombing as much as I like posting about my meals on InstaGram. My mom is a definite photo bomber though lol! Ever since I was a kid though I have been into photography with the polaroid and then later in my teens having my own camera and also doing photoshoots with local photographers so selfies-food porn and such are entertaining to me. At one time I did want to be a photographer but now its more or less a hobby and to record family memories. I no longer use my digital camera and exclusively use my Android HTC One cell phone as my “camera”. My only wish is that it was water proof. :p

Even though guilty myself of taking selfies in weird places I do agree we need to have boundaries and practice limitations and take photos in more appropriate situations with life or death isnt involved. Living in 2014 though, we have become more desensitized population when it comes to important matters of life and also recording those cruel moments. Reminds me of a picture meme I saw on my facebook feed one day. It was a cartoon with a bunch of people taking pictures with their smart phones of a person drowning. Yeah. Thats exactly how I describe what we as humans are like now. More sickening though posting with dead animals for game and sadistic torture. How much more inhumane can we get?