I Want to Change the World

i want to change the world
i want to change the world

This past year, I have really done some soul searching and made some changes. I completed a course to become a Nurse Assistant and I realized money aint end all be all to me. I realized I wanted to really make a difference in the world. I REALLY REALLY DO. 

Although I have many networker friends on Facebook and would see posts about making BIG $$$ in whatever biz opp is going around at that time, I also like cat pictures like Grumpy Cat or Colonel Meow and just animals in general.  Then my newsfeed got more realistic with pages that started getting more serious of issues around the world like the Illuminati, animal abuse, torture and death, air pollution & climate change and I realized there is more to life than my little world of aspiring to get rich.  Now I sign EVERY SINGLE PETITION that I believe in and get my hands on online as well as donate to whatever worthy causes I can when I can.  Mostly animal petitions though at this point.

I sometimes and know it feels like its just not enough but then when there are breakthroughs of animals breaking free, justice being served etc then I know my one signature made a difference in a life of one animal. I love ALL animals. But the Causes I am mostly passionate about are domestic and wild life cats, because for some strange reason there is a huge hate and allergy to domestic cats and wild cats are being hunted for sport and both of those things REALLY PISS ME OFF! >:( So if the world doesnt happen to end this horror soon or later my plan is to own my own domestic cat sanctuary like my favorite sanctuary located in California – The Cat House on the Kings I think I understand cats more and can relate to them more than dogs. I also have 4 cats and 2 dogs. I consider myself def a cat person though. Especially since they get the least respect in the world.

I support all Causes that deal with helping innocent men, women and especially children. But I  have a bigger passion for animals since they are at the bottom of the food chain and the most helpless. One child abuse cause I do support is Dreamcatchers for Abused Children and WOW Utah .

I wouldnt really have a problem with consumption of dog, cat and other farm animal meat if they didnt literally have to be suffering and tortured in the process. If they could just kill them with one clean shot and no slow way of being put to death then I would feel better about it. I am a meat eater and have been my whole life but sometimes the things I see make me think I should change my lifestyle as far as food is concerned and become a Vegan.

Then there is the sadistic assholes who kill and torment animals for fun. I always believe in an eye for an eye and they should def get what they deserve. That really pisses me off! I just keep telling myself one day they will get theirs and have to be patient and pray for the comfort and strength of the animal.

My beliefs politically are no political affiliation whatsoever, although before I would have been considered a democrat and voted for Barack Obama for both terms. But what I have learned is it doesnt matter WHO you vote for, republican or democrat the results will be the same. That is a setup to make you believe you have rights to vote and your vote matters when it really doesnt. Some people still have a hard time comprehending this still.

I used to consider myself a liberal feminist and I came full circle into what I call a conservative aspiring christian. Normally you would think what would happen would be the opposite right? Well I feel at my age, I understand my grandparents better and their thinking and would rather have been born in the simpler times, or era with the exception of the racism back then. I think that is why a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant was a good choice for me aside from still being an Entrepreneur and Blogger.

I really dont care what your sex, age, religion, race, sexual orientation is I love everybody. Just Respect and be nice to me and I will Respect and be nice to you. 🙂

Anyway I do want to literally Change the World like Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Malcom X, even Oprah I think makes a difference or made a difference in the world.

Our biggest problem we face right now is the extinction of bees and other wild life because of GMOs, Poachers and Trophy Hunters.  Soon we aint going to have a world to pass down to our future generations and reminds me of the movie The Lorax or even Walle. Hopefully with all the cruelty there wont be anymore world and we can start fresh again.

Either way I dont want to leave this earth without making a difference.