July 2014 Update

me0714Almost forgot about my quarterly update. A lot has been going on. In July I got two home care clients as a Self-Employed Trained Nurse Assistant.  (Picture on left is taken at my clients house yesterday)

I will be getting Certified as a Nurse Assistant in the Fall when my daughter is back in school and get back to being a hospital volunteer as well.

I also dug deeper and went from an animal lover to animal activist and sign petitions daily to help those across the world and in the USA and in the process of becoming a Vegan.

Which is easier actually avoiding meat than it is dairy so Im trying to find substitutes for things like cheese, milk, sour cream etc…Im proud of myself though, yesterday at Taco Bell before going to my clients house I grabbed dinner at Taco Bell and instead of ordering my usual Double Decker Supreme I ordered 2 plain bean burritos. Its a start and I still have my own exceptions to me becoming a Vegan.

Im still an Entrepreneur! Still in pursuit of automated systems for my leads to assist with my business.

Nothing else really new…just a busy busy bee! 🙂

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