October 2014 Update

IMAG4755Well time for another update…Im still working as a CNA and need to get Certified still…I have only one client but with how busy I am I think that is enough for now. Between helping out my parents, taking care of Liz, Church and Volunteering at the hospital I think I have enough on my plate.

As you may have saw in a previous post my daddy passed away in July. Even though we IMAG4264_2lived in different states and miles apart we were always really close. I used to visit him in Vegas every couple of years with Liz…The last time I saw him was when I was vacationing in Las Vegas with my parents in July and he passed away 3 days later. It was all very shocking to say the least. I, of course have been dealing with it in my own way.

Looking at my Facebook news-feed the world is getting crazier by the second, its really depressing between ISIS, Ebola, D68, etc I try to spend less time on Facebook now because of it. I spend a lot more time reading Danielle Steel novels than anything else. I started reading after my daddy passed away Im up to my 22nd or 23rd book now…my latest one is Second Chance.

PegHalloween is coming up and I decided to dress up for fun as Married with Children’s Peggy Bundy since I used to always watch the show, have 90s nostalgia¬† and its a very easy wear…I wear leggings and shirts as it is…so I bought be at the thrift store a leopard shirt, black thick sparkly belt, I have leggings and going to wear my plain shoes, some fashion jewelry at this Claires like shop and I bought my wig on Amazon. Next year I plan to be a real bride. Because I never had a real wedding (just a civil court paper signing deal). Since I never plan on marrying again anyway I figure why not?

My hair is a complete disaster right now for so many reasons. Last year I dyed it jet black for the whole year in 2013 and it looked good, well this year I wanted a different color because I was tired of the black…so I put box dye red in it…now its 3 colors…my natural, black and red. Jet black is not an easy color to get out of your hair BTW. Then on my birthday I like to do something crazy and it was during the summer so I did a shave under and now Im waiting for that shit to grow back. Last but not least…I cut my own bangs and did a horrific job at it. Now they are really short again. OMG I need to get this mess out of my hair. Im not so concerned about the color as I am concerned about it growing right now. Since my inside of my hair is really short and trying to grow back, the outside is not growing long yet and then I have to wait till my bangs grow back too.

I just got over a cold too barely which left me a little bit paranoid about Ebola & D68. I am one of those conspiracy theorists anyway so that didnt help me lol! But its pretty much gone now. I took cold medicine day and night and took a day off work to rest.  I cant afford to be sick, I literally have the world on my shoulders and everyone depends on me. But boy could I use a real vacation again. I dont think one was enough for this year. My only escape is reading and napping. Which I make sure I do plenty of both.

Aside from working as a self-employed CNA I am trying to make money online again like I used to do. I sell on eBay and do DollarProjects.com. My sales have been kind of slow lately so I am looking for alternatives and ways to make extra cash.

Nothing else really is new anyway…thanks for reading