Happy Vegansgiving!

IMAG5229 I decided to become Vegan this year and you can read more about that on my Vegan Blog.

Anyway my plan was to prepare myself a real Vegan Thanksgiving meal which was a mild success.

First I need to let yall know Thanksgiving is MY holiday. I either went out to dine for a Thanksgiving meal and two years ago I made my first turkey dinner. So, I was not going to fall under at MY day. But my new priority was, as being a Vegan, was to Veganize it.

So a month before I went to Harmons to purchase herb stuffing and a Celebration roast. I was going to prepare Vegan mashed potatoes I decided for my family. My bro was going to cook the rest (their turkey, stuffing, corn, etc…).

Well as it got closer I had plans to get myself a Vegan Pumpkin Pie from Whole Foods but since my daughter fell ill I wasnt able to go before Thanksgiving. So I picked up a regular sweet potato and pumpkin pie.

 adoptaturkeyorgAlso during my prep for Thanksgiving, I learned from the Vegan Community on Facebook that you can adopt a turkey at a Farm Sanctuary so I did and his name is Gable.

Honestly I did a bad job at keeping myself Vegan. I had made my herb stuffing and my celebration roast and vegan mashed potatoes. But opt for the turkey stove top stuffing, I tried a piece of turkey and then I had leftovers twice.

So my plan next year is to either get me a meal worth getting for Thanksgiving or making Thanksgiving an exception, but I dont think I want to make it an exception because turkeys shouldnt be an exception for a meal just like the other cows, pigs and chickens shouldnt be. But the celebration roast had too much flavor and my herb stuffing had none (made it with vegan butter & soy milk and a bit of oil).  Im just going to have to plan better.

So what my bro and I made for Thanksgiving was turkey, my celebration roast, vegan mashed potatoes, corn (made with vegan butter), candied yams, herb and turkey stove top stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin & sweet potato pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Im trying not to beat myself up over the fact but I cant help it. I know it just means I need to work harder at my being Vegan, although at other times other than Thanksgiving I do pretty well and have my families moral support.

Soon I plan to visit a few Vegan restaurants in Utah such as Sages Cafe, Vertical Diner, Frisch, etc take my daughter to a Farm Sanctuary, maybe visit Whole Foods so I can get more Vegan items although Harmons Grocery has a nice selection as well.

I am also an animal rights activist I sign numerous petitions & I have been writing to food chains about adding a Vegan option, have a Vegan Facebook Group & Blog about Veganism.

 What I am Thankful For This Year:

As usual I have a lot to be thankful for, but this year even more so. I am Thankful for the training available to me to become a CNA, volunteering at the hospital and obtaining my first client. I am Thankful for having an open mind and the information out there to change my lifestyle to Vegan. I am Thankful again for my family, friends and being able to work from home. I am Thankful to GOD for giving me life and a beautiful daughter. I am Thankful that my daughter is able to go to a Private Christian School and have friends and learn at her pace. I am Thankful to have information available to me literally at my fingertips. I am Thankful for a lot. <3 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving <3 🙂