My 2014 Year in Review

Ever since I was in the hospital in February 2012, I have wanted to become a CNA. FINALLY, 2 years later in March 2014 I decided to go to class to become a CNA as well as become a Candystriper (volunteer) at the hospital. The class was only 2 weeks 8 hours a day and 2 days of that in clinicals. I got my first client in August and my second soon after that. Still need to get Certified before next April. The hospital deal was a little bit different. The process was longer, I had to get vaccinated, check for TB twice, pass background & drug test. Finally I started at the end of March. I love working at both 🙂

May 12th on my birthday I was by myself. My parents were out of town trucking, my daughter was in school and my bro wasnt around. So I took it upon myself to have a good time (which I have no problem with) so I decided to get a massage at The Spa Club, eat a free birthday meal at Rumbi I think it was and do something crazy and get an undercut shave on my head. Since my friend in high school did it I have been wanting to do it ever since. It was definitely different lol!

In the beginning of June my daughter was out of school on Summer vacation for 3 months and she had been having throat problems of sorts and I recall I took her to the doctors at least a half of dozen times and they prescribed different things. Finally they recommended getting an endoscopy at Primary Chidrens Hospital. It was nerve wracking but in the end they said she was fine and better.

Then at the end of June I met my stepsister, she is really sweet and thoughtful. They stayed here for the weekend, we went to Cherry Hill and then we went up at met them and went Camping. She has been a blessing to say the least and I wish I could see her more often. She has spoiled all of us.

At the end of July we had a family vacation to my hometown Las Vegas, NV and took the dogs. We stayed at a animal friendly hotel La Quinta. We went swimming every night in the warm pool and saw a lot of dogs there because it was pet friendly and there was a dog convention going on. We all did the Las Vegas Fremont Slotzilla Zipline. I was scared as shit but did it anyway. My 11 year old daughter did awesome. I also went to my first oxygen bar, had 99 cent shrimp, went to Circus Circus, Hershey’s Chocolate World, I took pictures with Chippendales lol! I also visited with my daddy.

My daddy passed away 3 days after I saw him in Vegas. I had plans on moving him up here to Utah and now he is gone :'( . I wanted to run away from it all but since I couldnt I started reading and a lot and got lost in books! Danielle Steel Novels, I have read over 30 of her books in 3 months. But now my reading has calmed down.

For maybe 6 months or more now or even longer I was contemplating going Vegan. The first time I tried I failed. The second time around I am doing so much better. It all started with me liking and sharing cute animal pictures on facebook, then I started signing animal petitions, the more I dug the more of the truth I discovered about factory farming, fur farms etc I cant be part of that. I refuse to eat meat, dairy, eggs anymore. Animals are not our slaves. I fucking despise hunters and hunting especially trophy hunting. I fucking hate it all. Now Im more determined to increase the Vegan eaters population with education about what is really going on. It was hard at first but now I manage it very well staying away from meat, dairy, eggs and animal byproducts and easily avoid fur, leather, silk, wool etc… GOING VEGAN BLOG & VEGAN FACEBOOK GROUP

Halloween was fun! Liz dressed up as a Survivor Zombie, my bro Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street and me as Peggy Bundy from Married with Children. We took Liz trick or treating then my bro took me to the bar and I drank A LOT! I cant remember all that I drank but they were all different. Plus one of the houses gave out free alcohol and scared the kids which I was amused and delighted 🙂

Read Thanksgiving

Christmas was good and stressful. I had planned on learning to crochet and make all my family members something, since I was so new at it and still am I was unhappy with my stitches and decided to give everyone photo collages decorated and a gift. It was still a good Christmas all around and I actually kind of liked Christmas this year even though I am not a fan. I guess the lights and all that jazz idk.

New Years Eve my daughter and I celebrated at home like we do every year. We wanted to watch the ball drop in New York but it didnt show it on TV and we really confused so we looked it on YouTube and did the countdown for each time zone. I drank champagne and my daughter apple cider and water.

After a crazy year cant wait to see what 2015 holds. Happy New Year 😀