100 Day Goal – Day 1 JackiesRamblings.com Official Favicon!!!

faviconexampleI have wanted a Favicon for a very damn long time! Seriously I used to think it was only for those really high on the IM list (Internet Marketing) but in truth their is a generator for everything! Such as QR codes which I think will be next or I may already have one I cannot remember I think I may have purchased one on Fiverr.com once Im not sure.

The point is I have put ALL my branding into my self-hosted wordpress blog going on for 7 years! I have put everything I can into this blog and honestly I abandon it from time to time but just this week I have joined Business Bakery 100 Day Goal Challenge and now am putting more effort into making my blog be alive again to make something of it like I had originally planned.

I had actually worked on a blog post the day before regarding my favorite TV Presidents. Now I am making sure I blog for 100 Days straight.  I am also making sure I make YouTube videos for 100 Days as well and promote my Primary Business all at the same time using my social media capital to promote.

Welcome to My World 😉