Heartburn Acid Reflux

heartburn acid reflux
heartburn acid reflux

Im 2 days away from being 33 years old and I get the worst heartburn acid reflux ever.

Last night was as bad as it could get. I take a prescription for it called Omeprazole for it but I cannot seem to find my bottle of medication anywhere for over 2 weeks now.

So every time I get heartburn acid reflux I have been drinking milk and taking pepto for it, which last night it didnt help at all. So I googled heartburn home remedies and decided to try eating a ripe banana as suggested, it did help and seemed to neutralize the pain and then I went to bed after watching some episodes of Royal Pains. I do have baking soda and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar but I just not ready to try those remedies just yet.

Then this afternoon I got heartburn acid reflux again and again tried finding my medication and in the medicine cabinet did see we had alka seltzer so had a banana again and alka seltzer which seems to work for now.

I remember growing up my daddy always having bad heartburn and taking a small pack or bottle of tums. It really never crossed my mind I would have problems with heartburn acid reflux as well. My mom gets it too but I dont think as much.

Honestly I always had this pain and never knew what it was called lol! I think just a few years ago I learned that it was actually called heartburn acid reflux. When I was even pregnant with my daughter I never got it and she came out with no hair, which they say if you have heartburn acid reflux while you are pregnant then your child will come out with hair, which I guess to believe to be true.

Heartburn Acid Reflux is associated with eating a lot of spicy food and while I do LOVE spicy food isnt the only cause of heartburn. Other causes are chocolate, caffeinated drinks such as coffee & tea, fried and fatty foods, large meals, tomatoes, tobacco, citrus, alcohol, eating a couple of hours before bedtime and tight fitting clothes.

Until I find my medication I will continue eating ripe bananas and alka seltzer seems to work best for now and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 😉